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Samsung galaxy Ace personal review

Updated on May 13, 2012

Samsung Galaxy Ace is the best example for a mid range Android phone. This 3.5 inch screen phone was running on android 2.2 at the releasing point. But Samsung has started releasing 2.3 Ginger bird updates for these phones. Apple has filed a case against its design similarity with i Phone 4. After this Samsung has stopped giving some of their products to Apple which were used in Apple products. Funny business revenge. But that case is still in the court.

Price-$350 (Rs.14500)

Operating system-Android 2.2 (froyo)

As I have already said it is released with android 2.2. But now Samsung has started rolling out 2.3 Ginger bird updates for this phone. Which will be available in all countries by the end of July. Surely Android 2.3 will perform much better than 2.2, but there is no considerable differences that you can see in the external interface. Most of the changes are in the back side only. But there is considerable differences between android 2.1 and 2.2 like wi-fi tethering, support for memory card app installation, flash support etc.

Processor ( Qualcomm Processor with 800MHz speed)

Processor is good compared to other mid range Android phones. There is a separate 200MHz graphics processor in this phone included in this 800MHz processing power. This gives good performance in playing games and videos. By default it will not support media files like avi, mkv etc, but you can install additional media players like QQ player, Rock player, Summer player etc. This phone is a little brother of Samsung galaxy S, both in looks and performance. Those who cannot afford galaxy S, surely can go for this phone

RAM (278MB)

278MB RAM is okay for a mid range phone but there are some other mid range phones with more than this RAM like LG Optimus. With this RAM you can see the loading effect after running nearly 5 to 6 applications simultaneously. But you can manage this by killing unwanted applications running in background. As there is the task killer of android, it will not be a big problem. Otherwise you can try other task manager applications like advanced task killer. But we have to say that this RAM is a bit low as Samsung is giving 270MB RAM in galaxy pop costing only half of its price.

Camera (5MP auto focus with LED flash)

Camera is of good quality compared to other mid range phones. But the problem is with how to access your camera, there is no side button to quickly access camera. Also the on board memory is less(158MB) causing disabled camera up to the moment you are putting a memory card in the phone. But the quality of the camera is very good. Also there is a lot of options available with the camera which you can extend further by additional applications available from android market. See some pictures taken with Ace camera. Camera does not provide HD recording but you cannot expect that in a mid range phone. So the camera in this phone is very good but the accessibility of the camera is the only problem

Screen (3.5 inch TFT capacitive touch screen)

The touch screen is responsive and good in the mid range phones, provided you are not going to compare with galaxy S. Screen is of 320 x 480 pixels and 16M colors. Screen supports multi touch and its screen is scratch resistant.

Battery(1350 mAh)

This is only average in this price range. With this 3.5 TFT screen surely the battery will drain faster. For galaxy 3 released previously by Samsung there is 1500mAh battery. Users of phone are complaining that the battery does not last for more than one day. This is true, battery is a bit low compared to previous releases. You can check some battery saving tips in this case

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    • profile image

      SellaGanesh.D 5 years ago

      Nice Review.....

    • profile image

      arindam 6 years ago

      its a damn good phone