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Free TV on Mobile Phones

Updated on August 9, 2013

SlingBox Goes Mobile with SlingPlayer Software

The Slingbox has proved to be a remarkable invention. If you have one you realize how cool it is to watch your choice of television channels from anywhere in the world from your own home computer network with no extra fees. Whatever channels you can receive from your cable or Satellite TV package you can also watch from your computer, laptop and yes - even your mobile phone!

I bought one of the first Slingboxes that hit the market. I had a few hiccups setting it up but after about 3 tries it was working great. Being able to watch cable television from work is a wonderful thing. My husband and I are self employed so we spend many hours at work. The Slingbox makes it possible for us to watch our favorite shows without spending the extra money to have cable TV installed in a second location.


Slingbox PRO

When I bought my Slingbox there was only one option. Since then Slingbox has added multiple options including Slingbox AV (single connection to one standard device) , Slingbox SOLO (single connection to one standard device and to one HD device) , Slingbox PRO ( up to four connections to standard devices and one HD device).


Watch TV on your Mobile Phone


SlingPlayer is actually the software used with the Slingbox. SlingPlayer mobile lets you watch TV from your laptop computer, cell phone or PDA. It is setup so that you can easily navigate the SlingPlayer software whether you have a touchscreen or not. SlingPlayer will work with multiple cell phones including those in the Palm OS family, the Pocket PC family, the Symbian OS family and the Windows Smartphone family. I want to remind everyone that an unlimited data plan will be necessary.

The one time $29.99 price for the SlingPlayer software seems a small price to have the ability to watch unlimited TV from anywhere in the world. That of course does not include the price of the Slingbox itself - but once you make that investment the SlingPlayer software will work with any of them.

Connections can be Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or cellular. Once connected you can switch between devices (Standard and HD devices such as DVR, cable, satellite receiver, or DVD) and watch in different modes including just audio or full/adjusted screen.

SlingPlayer software will be the next addition to my gadget arsenal. Until now I did not own a cell phone that would be compatible. I could sign up for a monthly subscription to MobiTV but the SlingPlayer software is a one time fee and I will have a nearly unlimited choice of shows to watch.

I will add an update as soon as I am connected. I will download the free software to my laptop as well.

I am curious at how long my cell phone battery will last once I start watching TV.


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    • profile image

      rethansmith 8 years ago

      You are correct. The slingbox has certainly proven its worth and value as a product. The onte-time investment is worth the long-term reward!

    • Debbie Cook profile image

      Debbie Cook 8 years ago from USA

      I suppose you have a point. Personally I am willing to make the investment for what the Slingbox gives me. If there were an iPhone App that offered the same thing for $9.99 I would buy it - but they don't.

    • profile image

      rethansmith 8 years ago

      Yes.  The TV service is free once you buy something....Making it not free?

      The SlingPlayer software for the iPhone is $29.99 - far beyond the $9.99 normal price cap for iPhone apps.

    • Debbie Cook profile image

      Debbie Cook 9 years ago from USA

      Sorry - you have to purchase a Slingbox, connect it to your home network, purchase and download mobile Slingbox software. Then you can watch your TV on your cell phone.

    • profile image

      christopher 9 years ago


    • Patty Inglish, MS profile image

      Patty Inglish 10 years ago from USA. Member of Asgardia, the first space nation, since October 2016

      All of this technology you share with us is amazing and mind boggling! Thanks for keeping us up to date.