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Solar Power Systems Helping to Keep it Green

Updated on April 20, 2013

Fossil fuels are fast depleting and their ever increasing prices are concerns enough to opt for alternate sources of energy. One such source which is fast gaining importance is Solar Power. It is a clean source of energy and does not harm the environment. Solar Power systems are now looked upon as a reliable source to supplement the regular power supply.

Helps Keep our Planet Greener

Solar power systems use renewable source of energy and do not require waste management as they do not give out harmful pollutants. Also there are no moving parts and are easy to maintain once installed. It is increasingly used to fulfil the domestic power requirements and can be used to heat water, as radiators and at times can also be used to light the house. Using solar power systems surely helps to reduce the electricity bills. In addition, these do not cause pollution and contributes to keep our planet greener and healthier.

The Main Concern for Many People

However the only issue with using this is the high initial investment required to install the equipment. With increased technological advancement and Government incentives, costs of solar power systems are decreasing and are increasingly being adopted by people to meet their household energy needs.

3 Major Uses for Solar Power Systems

 Depending on its use, solar power systems can be categorized into three major types, namely, those used for Commercial and industrial use, for residential purposes and for agriculture.

Commercial and Industrial use

Solar systems used for commercial purposes include solar telecommunication, solar powered security cameras etc.

Solar Power for Homes

For residential use, grid-tied PV system or off grid PV system may be used.


Farmers are becoming increasingly aware of this and these can be used for irrigation, aerations systems and other remote power requirements. As well there are many benefits and uses in green houses for indoor growing.

Different Types of Solar Systems

Based on its size, solar power systems can be classified as portable solar systems, the stand alone solar system and the grid tie-in system.

Portable System

Portable system can be carried anywhere inside the house and may be used while travelling.

Grid Tie-in System

The grid tie-in system provides synchronous power system through which part or complete energy produced can be used.

Stand Alone Solar System

Stand alone solar system can be used when one wants complete independence from the electric utility company and thus has batteries to store power that can be used over long periods.


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