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How To Fix It: Some Internet Websites Suddenly Will Not Load, Problem With Certain Pages

Updated on May 11, 2013
AVG Antivirus Software
AVG Antivirus Software

It has happened to me once, and to many friends of mine too. Suddenly, some sites which used to be online and always available, do not load; it isn't a matter of slow connection or packets dropout; other sites will load perfectly, but some just won't. Changing internet browser, for example trying Google Chrome instead of Mozilla Firefox might work, but chances are slim.
As it is obvious, this kind of computer behavior can get frustrating, because you just know that the site is online (don't tell me that Google is offline!) but you cannot surf to it.

After trying out many different actions to troubleshoot this weird problem, such as changing browser, restarting internet router, restarting computer, etc. I came to realize that what is causing this behavior is none other than my Antivirus program!
In particular, for years I have been trusting AVG Free, because it is the most popular security application available, it is free but effective and quite fast at virus scanning too. My computer has not been formatted for what seems like ages, and I haven't had virus issues for many years, so none can convince me to change into another antivirus program. However, sometimes you just don't know what could be the problem, and it proved to me clearly.
Last two years or so, AVG Antivirus bundled multiple features in its package. One of them was Link Shield, a tool which helps locate malicious websites and provides a better and safer browsing experience (or so it says). Additionally, with its occasional program updates AVG added browser toolbars which help avoid getting tracked by websites ( such as "Do Not Track").

Based on my and my friends' experience, disabling Link Shield and ALL AVG related browser toolbars is the way to go; in more than ten times on ten different computers, the problem was solved at once when Link Shield and Do Not Track were disabled through the options and in particular through the path AVG Main Window>Tools>Advanced Settings.
Additionally, I suggest that you open up your internet browser, check the Extensions or Add-Ons menu and remove all toolbars and add-ons which have something to do with AVG. Trust me, your computer will do just fine with only the main Resident Shield running; you don't need any resources-consuming toolbars to hassle your internet surfing experience.
I cannot really say why AVG will confuse perfectly safe websites and block access to them, but it just happens and I could not tolerate with it. However, to me AVG Antivirus is still the best free solution, so it is not enough reason to make me quit it and install another program.
If you are not an AVG user but you experience this same problem, I suggest you still check for internet browser add-ons and try remove those related to your antivirus software.

I hope this guide will help, please feel free to contact me through the comments section to tell me if it did.
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    • profile image

      Annoyed 3 years ago

      Saddly this did not help. I don't have a antivirus program installed. I only have the Microsoft pc protect, which doesn't seem to be having a problem. I got it quite a long time ago and I only experienced problems today.

      This is very important that I fix this issue because the pages that aren't loading are ones related with my work and without them I can't do my job. I can't afford to be losing money at a time like this.

      I suppose I'll have to keep on searching

    • profile image

      rival 4 years ago

      thank you, it worked to me :)

    • profile image

      Liam 4 years ago

      This actually really helped. I read the first few sentences and saw that it was your antivirus and I thought "goddamn." because I've been having trouble ever since I installed a new antivirus a week ago - closed it and the pages started loading!

    • profile image

      Vinoth 5 years ago

      nice but let me c weather it works

    • CyberFreak profile image

      CyberFreak 5 years ago

      Thank you for your visit!

    • snlee profile image

      snlee 5 years ago from Asia Pacific Regions

      very useful information...thanks