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Standard Desktop Faxes vs. Captaris Right Fax (Now Called Open Text RightFax )

Updated on January 17, 2011


This article is probably years behind schedule, but I thought I'd give it a shot anyway :-)

I've worked for years in various office and factory environments and have seen a variety of office technologies come and go. I still remember went computers exploded into the office place. I remember my then boss stating how 'scary these machines can be for people to learn.' Now, as well all know, PC's in the office are as common as telephones.

One technology that has spanned decades are those desktop faxes you see sitting around the office. Also known as dummy faxes, these are the stand alone fax machines that squat lonely in the room pumping out pages of faxed information.

If the desktop fax is all you know, I'll try to give you an idea of the benefits of the Captaris RightFax, which is now called Open Text RightFax. I'm sure there are other competitors to Open Text RightFax, but this is the only one I've used so I'll single them out for purposes of this article.

I am definitely not a IT or communications network expert. I had nothing to do with purchasing the Captairis RightFax software and setting it up. I am an experienced end-user though and hope that I can give you an idea what your end-user you are in for if you decide to start using the Captaris - Open Text RightFax system.


RightFax is basically a fax that is right on your computer.  With RightFax you can both send and receive faxes right from your computer screen.

The Size

A desktop fax is a piece of hardware it takes up space.  

RightFax takes up no space. It functions as software on your computer so all of its 'hardware' is virtual. That said, for sending hardcopies, some space may needed for a scanner if you do not already have scanning capability. More on this later.

Receiving Faxes

Stand alone desktop faxes receive faxes and prints hardcopies of faxes to a paper tray .  

Open Text RightFax works differently in that paper does not print out. I am alerted by RightFax via email that there is a new fax.  If I open the email,  the fax is there as a .TIF attachment.   I can also access the fax through RightFax program on my computer via the RightFax utility.  When opened, the RightFax utility appears in a window on my computer screen. It looks much like a fax log that stand alone faxes print out.  You just click on the fax you want opened and it opens on your screen.

Sending Faxes

Stand alone faxes require you to put a hard copy of the document you want to fax in the machine, dial a number and send.  Then the document goes through the machine and ends in a paper tray.

RightFax is most efficient if you are able to access the document on your computer. If you can open a webpage, document, email attachment, etc, you can fax it. You simply open the information you want to fax, choose the print command on your computer, and select Right Fax as your printer. You'll then be prompted by a window to enter recipient fax number, names, cover sheet message (optional), etc. Then click the 'send' button

If you are trying to send a hard copy or something not available on your computer via Open Text - Captaris RightFax you'll need to scan the document into your system first, then follow the steps above.

Paper Waste

Dummy faxes tend to print out too much paper waste. Sure, you can control the output on desktop faxes but it is easy to get lazy and just let these things print.  

Right Fax minimizes paper waste since you simply open the fax on your computer screen. You don't have to print the document out.  You can simply delete unwanted faxes or save them as a file on your computer.  Of course, if you really want a hard copy, just send it to your local printer.

To Sum Up

RighFax might not be for everyone. Desktop faxes can be set up easily and anywhere. People are familiar with desktop faxes and there is comfort in familiarity.

RightFax does save space especially over a large network of computers. Instead of multiple shared desktop faxes throughout the office, with RightFax everyone has their own device right on their computer.

RightFax reduces paper waste and allows easy disposal of unwanted faxes.

Sending hard copies of faxes through RightFax will require an extra step of scanning the document to your computer.  This isn't that big of a deal though since most documents are transferred electronically via email or shared drives anyway. In theory, most business related documents will already be on computer somewhere whether it be email, on the internet, or saved on your hard drive or shared drives.


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    • TurtleDog profile image

      TurtleDog 7 years ago

      Hi! Thanks for the great comment Dan! Honestly, I single out RightFax because it is the only one I've ever used. If I wrote about anything else, it wouldn't be the truth. Believe me, if I was using the Highland Park company instead of RightFax, I would have written on Highland Park vs. the traditional desktop fax. Thanks again!

    • profile image

      Dan 7 years ago

      How is it that you come to represent all fax servers by RightFax. RightFax has never been an innovator in the fax server world. Six years before RightFax was ever created, a small company in Highland Park, IL introduced software that allowed users to send and receive faxes from their desktops. It took RightFax six years after the invention of Fax over IP before they could send a fax in a VoIP environment. So pray tell, why do you single out RightFax?