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7 Stylish Camera Backpacks - Buyer's Guide

Updated on April 3, 2017
Lowepro camera backpack DryZone 200
Lowepro camera backpack DryZone 200 | Source

If you are a professional photographer, you will most definitely have a complete photography gear with more than one camera and several accessories that may include camera lens, filter, flashes, camera straps and more; which always need a good sized bag to organize the whole gear and to carry them around with you wherever you are going for photography duties.

However, there are a number of manufacturers that specialize in producing camera backpacks today, and choosing the right camera backpack that will suit your needs may be a problem. Consequently, there are a few factors that you need to consider before making your final buying decision, just to make sure that you get the right backpack for your photography gear, which will not limit your needs.

How to Choose the Right Camera Backpack

1. What you are planning to shoot is Important:

What you are planning to take photos of is the very first thing you need to consider when buying a backpack. The things you are going to shoot such as landscape, birds in the forest, ocean and more come with their own challenges that need different backpacks altogether.

2. Urban and Street Photography:

If you are going to take your photos within the urban centers, you will need a backpack that gives you easy time moving within the street with lots of ease. On the hand, street shooting needs a mobility and faster access to your photography accessories so that you don’t miss a moment worth shooting, you need a backpack with side access to your camera and accessories so that you can easily remove what you need without having to place your backpack down.

To add on top, since internet connection within urban street is faster and reliable, you may be tempted to use your laptop to access the internet, which will need a backpack that has a separate space for a laptop or tablet so that you don’t miss using the internet when you need to. Finally, security within the city street is very important; ensure that you go with a backpack that is not too big, but select a backpack that is compact, slim, and highly versatile so that people don’t know what you are carrying for security purpose.

3. Outdoor Adventure Photography:

Outdoor adventure photography requires more than just a backpack for photography gear alone. You will most definitely need to pack little more things alongside the backpack. As such, you will need a backpack that is specifically designed for the outdoor purpose and is very spacious to carry more things that you may need for your outdoor adventure.

4. The Storage or size

The size of a camera backpack is one of the most important things to consider when buying a backpack. Ensure that the size you go for is the right size that will be enough to carry all your photography gear at ago. A small size may be a recommendation if you still have fewer camera accessories in your gear and a large may be unnecessary.

5. Form Factor or Shape:

The shape of the backpack is another thing you need to consider to ensure that you choose a bag with a smart shape so that you look like a professional. Some photographers don’t consider the shape and they end up buying backpacks that are designed for something else and not photography gear.

6. The Manufacturer or Brand:

Quality matters a lot when it comes to professionalism in photography: You need to ensure that the brand of backpack you buy is quality and the manufacturer has been in the industry for sometimes and is well known to produce quality backpacks. Some of the well-known and trustworthy brands are; Peak, Tenba, Tamrac, Lowepro, MindShift, and Think Tank.

Best Camera Backpacks

1.AmazonBasics Backpack


AmazonBasics Backpack is one of the best camera backpack to buy when on a budget. In fact the Amazon Basics backpack is far much below $ 100 on Amazon, which makes it one of the best sellers currently.

Besides, the backpack comes with extra space that is enough to carry all the photography gear equipment that you can think of without leaving even one of them because of space.

Moreover, the backpack comes with two small extra pockets on the outside where you can store small items such as keys, cell phones, and maybe MP3 player if you have one.

It comes with two larger zipped pocket on the outside, which are suitable for storing things like notebook, maps, manuals, light jackets, and more. Still on the outside, there is side straps and a flexible cord on the front side that can hold compact tripod or an umbrella very easily.

On the inside of the AmazonBasics backpack, the main compartment has two clear sizable zippered pockets where you can store very small items such as memory cards, USB drives, and batteries.

The main compartment of the backpack comes with a soft fabric lining covering it all through for extra protection of delicate accessories, making the best brand to go for when you have delicate items in your photography gear.

It has foam dividers that are removable, so that you can create more space for your gear if the space seems too small to carry all of the items you have in your photography gear.

Finally, the AmazonBasics backpack is very comfortable and easy to carry even for a long distance walk: This is because it comes easily adjustable, heavily padded shoulder straps, and a wider adjustable waist and chest straps, which makes the AmazonBasics even more comfortable to carry with all your photography gear loaded inside.


The AmazonBasic backpack is a quality brand of AmazonBasics manufacturer. The backpack originates from China and comes in pure black color, and black and blue colors in a combination. It is designed to carry SLR/DSLR camera and other accessories.


AmazonBasics backpack comes with a strong and heavy nylon-plastic material, which makes the backpack to be strong, durable, and partial water-proof. When it comes to durability due many accessories that you need to carry in a backpack, think of AmazoBasics backpack since it is made from a very strong material.


AmazonBasics backpack come with a very manageable weight of 2.7 pounds, which is also the shipping weight measurement. This weight shows that the backpack is made of quality material that will last longer even when you will be using it to carry many photography accessories on the go.


The AmazonBasics backpack comes with an impressive dimensions of 11*6*14.5 inches, which gives it ample interior storage space enough to carry the whole photography gear plus other accessories such as 2 smaller SLR/DSLR camera bodies, 3 to 4 lenses, and extra small accessories such as battery, memory cards, flash drive, cell phone: On the outside, there are extra zippered pockets that can carry umbrella, notebooks, maps, manuals, and more photography stuff.

Pros of AmazonBasic Backpack:

- Spacious and can carry a whole photography gear and extra small accessories

- AmazonBasics backpack is very affordable and anyone can have it

- The backpack is very durable since it is made with a stronger material

- The AmazonBasics backpack is very comfortable and can be carried for a longer distance

Cons of AmazonBasics Backpack:

- The AmazonBasics backpack is not completely water-proof and may not be suitable for some outdoor photography activities. However, there is always an option and you can use plastic sheds that can assist during rainy seasons.

- It does not give color preference freedom since it comes only in black color, and another option is black and blue color.

2. Altura Photo Backpack


Altura Photo Backpack is one of the best all-in-one camera DSLR backpacks in the market today. The backpack is made from durable materials that ensures durability as one of the major impressive features of Altura Photo Backpack.

On the other hand, this amazing backpack is made with protection, comfort, and style in mind, which makes it one of the best backpack options when comfort and style are the things that you need from your backpack.

Moreover, the Altura Photo backpack comes with enough storage capacity, which is very important when you want to carry the entire photography gear that includes a number of accessories and small items.

The main compartment of Altura Photo backpack is fully customizable so that you can adjust it to meet your storage needs without any limitations; and you can easily carry 2 DSLR cameras, 4 to 6 lenses, a flash, and other small items that may be part of your gear.

To add on top, the Altura Photo backpack can still accommodate a laptop and a tablet of up to 13” and 10” respectively. This is due to spacious interior dimensions of 12.5*17*5.5 inches, and an external dimensions of 13*18*7.1 inches, giving it all the space that you need for photography gear.

The backpack comes with a water repellent nylon material, which is one of the best materials used today for making backpacks that are quality and durable. It also has heavily reinforced stitches that gives it a stronger look and can carry very heavy photography accessories that you cannot do with other brands of backpacks out there.

The backpack is also designed with lots of considerations on photographers that may need to travel for a distance, and it can easily fit under an airline seat without necessarily having to worry where to place your backpack when travelling abroad or to a far town or city.


The Altura photo backpack is a quality brand of Goja, one of the most popular manufacturers of quality, durable, and stylish backpacks that any professional photographer would envy to have.


The Altura photo backpack is made from a quality and long-lasting water-repellant nylon, which is heavily reinforced with strong stitches, giving it a strong final look that no other backpack can offer.


The Altura photo backpack comes with an impressive weight of 3.9 pounds, which is also the exact weight when it is being shipped. The weight affirms that the backpack is made from a high quality material that will last even if you are using it to store the photography accessories that you may have.


The Altura photo backpack is one of the backpacks that offers sufficient storage space: This is because it can accommodate 1 to 2 DSLR cameras, 4-6 lenses, flash drive, and other large and small photography equipment that are essential for a professional photographer.

Pros of Altura Photo Backpack

-The backpack offers sufficient storage space for all photography items
-I is made from quality materials and therefore very durable
- Offers maximum comfort and can be used for a long distance without any discomfort
- It is relatively affordable

Cons of Altura Photo Backpack

-Backpack is not full water proof and may not be recommended for use during a rainy season. -The backpack a little bit heavier compared to other quality backpacks.

3. Lowepro Flipside 400 AW Pro


Lowepro Flipside 400 AW Pro is one of the camera backpacks that are suitable for storing a photography gear that has a lot of accessories to carry around. On the other hand, Flipside 400 AW Pro is also made to serve within the city space and out in the nature.

Lowepro Flipside 400 AW pro comes with adjustable storage capacity, which can be easily adjusted to allow for the storage of Pro DSLR camera and up to 6 additional lenses, flash and more.

Moreover, it comes with safety in mind, and the softer material used on the inside ensures that all your accessories are secure even when in an environment that you should worry a lot about your photography equipment.

To add on top, the Flipside offers a very easy access to camera and other accessories even when on the move from uniquely made back compartment, and you don’t need to place your backpack on the ground for you to access the stuff you have stored inside.

Still more, the Flipside offers comfort when it comes to carrying it, since it comes with adjustable padded shoulder straps and a waist belt. It also has a back pad to absorb moisture, making it ideal for long day work uphill or use during summer when temperatures are very high.

On the other hand, the material used for making this amazing backpack ensures that your photography gear is safe even during rainy season as water cannot easily enter to interfere with your stuff.

As such, to get the best protection for your camera and essential equipment and still be able easily reach your photography items even when on the go, you need to have the Lowepro Flipside 400 WA DSLR backpack.


Lowepro Flipside 400 WA DSLR is a quality brand of Lowepro: The manufacturer has been in the industry of backpack production for a long time and their products are a sure quality to work with.


Lowepro Flipside 400 WA DSLR backpack is made of polyester, which is one of the high quality materials that are used to make backpacks. This ensures maximum durability even if you will be carrying lots of photography items in it.


The weight of the Flipside 400 WA DSLR is 1.6 kg, which assures you that the material used in making Lowepro Flipside back pack is stronger, heavy and durable.


Flipside 400 WA DSLR comes with enough space, necessary for carrying the photography gear without worrying about storage space: Among the things that you keep with this backpack includes, DSLR camera, up to six extra lenses, and other small accessories.

Pros of Lowepro Flipside 400 WA DSLR

- The backpack is water-proof and is ideal to use on a rainy season
-Comes with enough storage space
- Come with rain cover to use on rainy seasons
- Made with comfort in mind
- It is made of polyester, which is a high quality and durable material
- Comes with adjustable inside compartment to be able to create more space when needed

Cons of Lowepro Flipside 400 WA DSLR

-Comes only in a black color and does not consider freedom of color use
-The backpack is not designed to hold a laptop, but can hold tablet

4. Lowepro Photo Hatchback 22L AW


Lowepro Photo Hatchback 22L AW is a spacious backpack that can hold DSLR camera of between 18 and 105mm, and still be able to store up to 3 lenses and other photography accessories. The backpack comes with a dedicated separate department where you can store your iPad or tablet with lots of safety design features.

On the other hand, you can turn Lowepro Photo Hatchback 22L AW backpack into a daypack by removing the box inside, which makes it to be a multipurpose backpack.

Moreover, the backpack comes with a side access feature which enable you to access your gear with ease even when on the go, and you don’t have to remove the backpack from your back so that you can access your gear.

To add on top, this amazing backpack comes with a top loading compartment that can be used to store smaller accessories that you may have in your gear. This feature gives the backpack more storage space and almost any accessory can be carried on the go.

Besides top compartment, 22L AW comes with an extra room for water bottle so that you can carry along with you some water when a busy shooting day outdoors. The water bottle room is spacious enough to accommodate some small personal stuff like keys, pen and so on.

Still more, the backpack comes with adjustable back straps, which may be necessary to adjust depending on the height of the person carrying it.

More importantly, this backpack comes with 210D Nylon Ripstop polyurethane quality material, which makes it durable, water-proof, and comfortable to carry for a longer distance.

Finally, with all the impressive features of this backpack, it qualifies to use out in the field and still maintain the same quality it came with for a longer period of time.


Lowepro Photo Hatchback 22L AW backpack is another quality brand of Lowepro, which is considered one of the best brands due to its unique features like converting it to a daypack with lots of ease.


Lowepro Photo Hatchback 22L AW is made of the best 210D Nylon Ripstop Polyurethane, which is considered one of the best materials for making backpacks.


This amazing backpack from Lowepro weighs 1.0kg, which is a very impressive weight when it is empty.


Lowepro Photo Hatchback 22L AW backpack comes with lots of features that makes spacious when adjusted, and hold DSLR camera with 18-105mm, up to 3 lenses, iPad or tablet, and other small accessories that can fit in the top compartment.

Pros of Lowepro Photo Hatchback 22L AW:

-Can serve as a day-pack by removing the inside box
-Comes with larger storage including the top compartment
-Made of quality and durable material that makes it durable
-Comes with adjustable back straps for easy carrying

Cons of Lowepro Photo Hatchback 22L AW

-Relative expensive
-Does not accommodate laptops

5. Lowepro – Whistler BP 450 AW Camera case


Lowepro Whistler BP 450 AW camera case backpack is an all-season backpack that is designed for a perfect shooting when in an outdoor adventure like mountain hiking and skiing.

The backpack is made with high quality materials that gives comfort when carried at the back, making it even more suitable for a long adventure trip that may get you tire when having a wrong backpack.

The Lowepro backpack offers an easy access of gear at the back even when on the go and you can remove your backpack to access your gear. Moreover, it accommodates a number of accessories including, pro DSLR, up to 4 lenses, and other small items that you may need for your outdoor shooting.

To add on top, Lowepro Whistler BP 450 AW camera case comes with an all-weather AW cover that provides protection to the gear when out on a bad weather or when it is raining.


The Lowepro Whistler BP 450 AW is a quality pro-consumer brand from Lowepro, and it is a predecessor of Whistler BP 350 Aw with almost similar but superior new features that makes it better when outdoor.


Still more, the Lowepro backpack is made of 420D rip-stop nylon with a TUP coating, which makes it durable, water proof, and very comfortable when carried at the back.


Lowepro Whistler BP 450 AW weighs 7.3 pounds, and a shipping weight of 7.8 pounds due to small accessories that it comes with.


The Lowepro backpack can comfortably accommodate Pro DSLR camera, up to 3 lenses, and a number of small accessories that you may need for your outdoor trip.

Pros of Lowepro Whistler BP 450 AW:

-Suitable for outdoor shooting
-Spacious enough to carry a full outdoor gear
-Made of high quality material for durability and comfort
-Comes with all-weather AW cover for extra protection
-It is water-proof

Cons of Lowepro Whistler BP 450 AW:

-Costs a little higher than other Whistler BP brands
-May not be used as a day-pack when need be due to inability to adjust feature

6. Think Tank Photo Airport Essentials


If you are a photographer who is always on the move through planes, whether domestically or internationally, you are good to go with Think Tank Photo Airport Essentials, which so far is considered the best travel camera backpack in the market.

Moreover, the Airport Essentials is made to comfortably accommodate a standard DSLR, up to 6 standard zooms, an iPad or tablet, and a Mac Book Retina laptop of up to 15”.

Beside laptop and iPad pockets, Think Tank Photo Airport Essentials backpack comes with an extra top pocket where you can keep your boarding passes for easy removal when need be.

More still, this amazing backpack comes with removable waist belt, a side water bottle pocket, tripod and mono-pod mounting system, and a sealed rain cover that extends through the line.


Think Tank Airport Essentials backpack is a quality brand of Think Tank, an experienced manufacturer of quality backpacks.


The Think Tank Airport Essential backpack is made of high quality materials including Nylon, which makes more durable and you can use it for a long time before thinking of buying a new backpack.


Think Tank Airport Essential backpack comes with a weight of 4.7 pounds, which is also the shipping weight. The weight is a confirmation that this backpack is made of quality and durable materials.


Think Tank Airport Essentials can comfortably accommodate standard DSLR camera, up to 6 zooms, iPad, and a laptop all in one backpack. Besides, it also comes with top pocket for boarding passes, and an extra side pocket for water bottle.

Pros of Think Tank Airport Essentials

- The best backpack for traveling
- Large storage capacity
- Can accommodate iPad and laptop
- Made durable and quality materials that provide comfort

Cons of Think Tank Airport Essential

-May not be suitable for other outdoor shooting
-Relatively expensive

7. Lowepro Flipside 500 AW Pro


Lowepro Flipside 500 AW Pro is a large-capacity outdoor backpack designed for professional photographers who need carry with them big lenses for an adventure shooting. Flipside 500 AW pro comes with a unique back entry compartment that offers easy access to gear when the backpack is rotated to the front.

Moreover, the 500 AW pro comes with enough storage space, which can b achieved by adjusting divider system in the camera compartment. This backpack also has a contoured shoulder straps, and heavily padded waist belt that give the Lowepro backpack an amazing comfort when carried at the back.

Also, the Flipside 500 AW pro comes with an in-built all weather AW cover, which is very helpful when it is raining to protect the gear from damages that may be caused by rain water, dust, and sand when you take a walk along the coast. Still more, the backpack has a front compartment that is used to store tablet, and its design makes it very easy to remove or return the tablet back its place.


The Lowepro 500 AW pro is yet another quality brand that comes from Lowepro, and comes with lots features that make it a superior brand over most backpack.


The Lowepro 500 AW pro is made of 100% fabric, which gives it a nice look, extra comfort, and durability which is always an issue with most camera backpacks


The Lowepro 500 AW pro backpack comes with weight of 4.4 pounds, and a shipping weight of 4.6 due extra items that are shipped together with it.


This amazing backpack is very spacious and can store a number of the accessories that include, pro DSLR with a grip and 500mm lens, 1-2 extra bodies, up to 4 lenses, flash, a memory card, tripod and mono-pod, tablet, and other resources used during photography

Pros of Lowepro 500 AW Backpack

-Very spacious and carry the whole gear with ease
-Made of quality materials making durable
-Can accommodate tablet in one of the compartments
- Provide easy access to the accessories to be used

Cons of Lowepro 500 AW Backpack

-Relatively expensive
-Cannot carry or store laptops


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