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Switch It Bag Organizer - Find Gadgets in Clear Pockets

Updated on May 31, 2015

Purses hold our daily necessities and carry our gadgets everywhere we go. Digital cameras, cell phones, MP3 players, flash drives, mini computers and even an Amazon Kindle needs dedicated spaces in order to stay in good working order and to avoid scratches. Purse organizers come in many shapes and sizes and provide the needed separation for the many items we carry with us.

How Much Space is Needed for a Purse Organizer?

The idea behind a purse organizer is to organize the inner space of the purse so as long as it fits inside the purse it is the right size. Most purse organizers are sized to fit small, medium or large purses. Some purse organizers have a low and narrow profile while others are taller and wider.

Styles, fabrics and colors are numerous so it depends on your personal preference as far as the best choice is concerned.

The Switch It Purse Organizer Has Clear Pockets

A purse organizer with clear pockets is best of both worlds – an organized purse and everything in clear view. The Switch It has open pockets on the outside and the inside as well as zippered pockets. A small cosmetic case type bag is included (not clear) for the items you prefer to hide away.

Two handles at the top make it easy to lift the Switch It in and out of a purse, bag, brief case or diaper bag. The handles push straight down into the bag to save space and can easily be lifted back up when needed.

The clear pockets of the Switch It make traveling a bit easier also. The front zipper pocket is the right size for three ounce travel bottles. If asked to remove the contents of a purse at the security gate at the airport – no problem – just lift the Switch It out and all of the items can be clearly seen.

Multiple colored trims and designs are available with the Switch It Purse Organizers.

Use the Switch It Purse Organizers in Other Bags

The Switch It Purse Organizers can be used in all types of other bags. The Organizers come in mini, medium and large so there should be one to fit your needs regardless of the type of bag used.

Need Reasons to Try a Purse Organizer?

Imagine how it would feel to reach in and immediately find that ringing cell phone. You have to be quick to catch that special shot with your digital camera. If something as simple as finding an ink pen in a dim lighted room can make you happy so why not try a purse organizer.


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