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Thailand Phone Card - Where to Find the Best Rates

Updated on August 18, 2011

Phone Cards to Call Thailand

With so many phone card companies to choose from its hard to know which one offers the best rates. I know because I use phone cards to call friends and business associates all over South East Asia especially Thailand.

Those of you who've read my articles and reviews about the phone card industry know I have used a whole bunch of companies previously. From all the years I have been using phone cards I now know how to choose only the best companies. Today I use just a handful to do price comparisons with. However, I am constantly searching for better prices.

So far the phone card company Nobeclom has the best rates for calling Thailand. Matter of fact as of 12/08/08 they dropped their prices on phone cards with rates to call a mobile line. Yes folks, if you do not know this by now if you use a phone card to call a mobile number the rates are higher.

Remember, the lowest rates you see on phone cards are the advertised rates for calling a land line. Calling a mobile line with a phone card results in a higher rate. So make sure you check the phone card's full details.

You should also know I chose Nobelcom not only because they offer great rates but because they are an excellent company. Don't take my word for it. They were notably mentioned in magazine publications such as Kiplinger's as well as Inc. 500 because of their products and services. If you would like more information take a look at Nobelcom Phone Card Company Review.

However, since Nobelcom lowered their phone cards for calling mobile numbers their rates are now the same as calling a land line. But you should still choose the appropriate phone card. You'll find more information below.

Nobelcom's Phone Rates For Calling A Land Line In Thailand

Screenshot from Nobelcom's website. Rates are stated as of 12/08/08. Rates based on calls made from continental USA.
Screenshot from Nobelcom's website. Rates are stated as of 12/08/08. Rates based on calls made from continental USA.

There are 4 phone cards displayed on top with different rates and card info. If you go to Nobelcom's website you can see it's full info in by clicking "Phone Card Details". All of these rates are very good and are much lower than what you would normally pay if you used your home telephone companies international plan. And don't even think about your mobile provider's international plan, their prices are astronomical.

So Which Phone Card Should You Choose?

 The best way to decide is to know in advance the volume of calls you'll be making during a time period. So choose the answer that best fits your calling habit:

  1. I'll be making a lot of calls during a short period of time (2 weeks - 4 weeks).
  2. I won't be making a lot of calls, but it would be nice to have one laying around (4 weeks - 1 year).

If your answer is number 1, then choose "Hello Thailand" or "Talk Thailand". Both of these cards have the lowest call per minute rates. But they also have a weekly maintenance fee of .99¢ and .69¢ respectively. So as you can imagine if you don't use up these minutes with a given time the fee will just zap your card value down to zero.

However, if you are not in a rush to make your international calls then choose "Call Thailand" which has a .49¢ monthly maintenance fee or "1 Second Thailand" which has no maintenance fee.

All of these phone cards have a 1 year expiration date from the last use by the way.

Nobelcom's Phone Card Rates For Calling A Mobile Number In Thailand

Screenshot from Nobelcom's website. Rates were stated as of 12/08/08. Rates based on calls made from continental USA.
Screenshot from Nobelcom's website. Rates were stated as of 12/08/08. Rates based on calls made from continental USA.

The first thing you've probably noticed is that these rates are the same as the phone cards for calling a land line. The only difference is that the word "Cellular" is added in.

As I mentioned earlier Nobelcom reduced their rates just recently. Before I had to pay just less than a penny more, not a huge difference, but every little bit is better then nothing.

However you should still use the appropriate card for the appropriate purpose. The method for choosing a phone card here is the same as above, so take a look at it again if you need a refresher.

Nobelcom Homepage
Nobelcom Homepage

Why Choose Nobelcom

Without the risk of sounding too much like an infomercial I should still explain to you why Nobelcom is a good reliable phone card company. So instead of making you read more I'll just make a list:

  • 10 years in the phone card industry
  • 24x7 toll free customer support
  • No extra surcharges or taxes on phone cards 
  • Rewards Program
  • Local and Worldwide Access Numbers
  • Multiple language options
  • Pin-less dialing and Recharge options
  • Accepts major credit cards

Now since you've read all this you might be wondering if I actually used Nobelcom or if I'm just some schmuck who is making a baseless review.

Hey, I'm not insulted. Because just like you I know there are plenty of bogus reviews out there. So what I did was I made a short video review where you can watch me log into my Nobelcom account.

Watch Me Log Into My Nobelcom Account

Have you used Nobelcom before?

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