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Tips on How to Make Your Cell Phone Battery Last Longer

Updated on February 12, 2013

Nowadays many people are using cell phone instead of land-line phones and these cell phones batteries are lithium batteries which need maintenance time to time as they are used. To increase your cell phone battery, follow below mentioned these tips and at the end of the day your cell phone battery meter won't show a low battery sign.

Switch it off

The most simple and effective way to conserve battery is to turn off cell phone when not in use. If you don't plan on to use the phone after working hours or when you're having a nap, its better to switch it off. Also, do the same, when you're in an poor network area, as constantly searching for service uses up the battery quickly. Some latest phones have an automatic power saving feature, but it takes time for that feature to get activated. Until then, much battery power gets used. When you need to use phone's non-data functions or when you're in an airplane, use the handy 'Flight Mode' function.


Avoid unnecessary embellishments

Avoid using animated pictures or flash on phone as a background as it will drain the battery faster. Turn off applications like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS when you are not using them and turn them on only when you are actually using it like turn on Wi-Fi only when you're in a Wi-Fi zone, turn on Bluetooth when sharing data only and not keeping unnecessary apps running 24x7 in the background.

Charging cycles

Don't charge your cell phone until the battery meter shows one bar or low battery sign. Unless of course, you are anticipating an important call, which will require a full battery. When your phone is charging, avoid using it, and kill all active processes and let it charge to completion. If you want to charge your phone efficiently and quickly, switch it off and charge.

Disable 4G/3G when not in use

If you are gonna use your cell phone for making sms, calls and not using 3G, internet for next couple of hours then disabling 3G will save some precious battery. These is one of biggest thing that affects battery consumption.

Keep cell phone battery cool

If you have a work-phone that you don't use say, on weekends, put battery in zip-lock plastic bag which is dry and place in a non-humid part of your fridge. Nothing wears on a battery like extended exposure to high temperatures. Also when your cell phone is in on state and you aren't using it, put it in a looser pocket or some cool place because at cooler temperatures, batteries work best. Avoid leaving cell phone in a hot environment. In addition, check the battery hotness wile it's charging, it should be moderate, if it seems excessively hot your charger might be malfunctioning.

Charging contact point
Charging contact point | Source

Clean charging contacts

At times, the contact points of the battery gets accumulated with dirt and there by reduces amount of energy transfer. Clean those contact points by rubbing cotton swab soaked in an anti-corrosion solvent like nail polish remover to cut corrosion.

Change brightness settings

Brightness of Phone's display screen should be kept low, it will save lot of power. Greater the Brightness of screen, more is the energy consumed to power the back-light. Reducing brightness will consume less power and at the end of the day your cell phone will have more power.

Reduce calling time and communicate via text messages

If you can get your job done by messaging then why to call? it will save power too. Communicating via SMS is an effective way to save power and it will bring down your phone bills too. So making unnecessary long calls will not only consume more power but it will also eat your money more.

Turn off vibration alert

Phone's vibration consumes more energy than audible alert. Also set vibration alert only for sms and not for calls and other notifications, as vibrating and ringing both together for incoming calls will consume more power. Ringtone/sms-tone should be set simple and short, it will consume less power.


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