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Top 5 Cat Videos on Youtube

Updated on October 24, 2014
A Turkish Van cat.
A Turkish Van cat.

Dansons La Capucine

Possibly the most fantastic video of all time, in which two cats argue over the right way to play Pattycake. It gets a little violent.

(In case you were wondering, these are the lyrics to the song, in English--

Dance the Capucine

There is no bread for us

There is bread in our neighbor's house

But it is not for us.)

Noisy Kittens Waiting for Dinner

Four very hungry kittens have to endure a horrible wait while their foster dad prepares their food. (The kittens have been sick, so they're not used to having appetites, and their food needs to be mixed with medicine, hence the extra wait.) The best part is either when one strikes from the dryer, or when the cameraman starts to stand up and the kittens realize they can nag him as well.

Maru's Greatest Hits Volume 1

The only thing better than a Maru video is a compilation of Maru videos. Maru, in case you somehow have managed to not yet fall under his spell, is probably one of Japan's very greatest celebrities. He has never, ever seen a box he didn't love, or that he wasn't sure he could get into, despite his not-insignificant size.

Raccoon Eating Cats' Food

Okay, so technically the raccoon is the star of this one, but you'll definitely be able to empathize with the cats when they see what's happening with their food. And the raccoon making the slow grab for the food before running off is one of the most fantastic moments of trickery I've ever seen. Best part might be him washing up in the cats' water bowl before he makes his move, though. How courteous.

Ninja Cat (With Haunting Music)

Don't watch this one late at night. Seriously.


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    • Hannah Elise profile image

      Hannah Moskowitz 3 years ago from New York

      Oh, yes, I can't believe I forgot that one!

    • FatFreddysCat profile image

      Keith Abt 3 years ago from The Garden State

      These are all great, but in my opinion the best cat video on YouTube is the music video for Parry Gripp's song "Cat Flushing a Toilet." If I ever need to make my kids laugh, all I have to do is pull that video up on my phone.