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Top Five Hello Kitty iPhone Cases

Updated on May 1, 2014

There are hundreds of different styles of Hello Kitty cases and covers available for iPhone 4, 4s and 5. A quick search on eBay alone will reveal more than 2,000 different listings.

So how do you pick the best style for you and your iPhone? Well, you could scroll through every listing available on eBay until you find a style of case that you like, and fits your iPhone. But that will take at least a few hours until the right case appears.

Here I've put together a list of the top five Hello Kitty iPhone cases that are currently available. There are different styles here, from soft silicone rubber to hard plastic. Some of extravagant while others are more simple. The criteria for including Hello Kitty cases on this list vary, but they are generally the ones that have the biggest number of listings, and the biggest number of sales.

So have a look through, and choose a case that suits you and your iPhone perfectly!

The Hello Kitty silicone iPhone case
The Hello Kitty silicone iPhone case

Hello Kitty 3D Soft Silicone Rubber Case

This is by far the most popular Hello Kitty case for iPhone. There are a large number of listings for this particular style of case and some of the top sellers have sold more than 1,000 of these cases.

The case itself is made from soft silicone rubber - one of the most popular materials for phone cases at the minute. It is water resistant so protects the phone from splashes of liquid and dirt. It's also nice and soft and bendy, which is great for children. The material cannot crack or splinter like plastic cases, and it's easy to assemble - you just slip the iPhone inside.

The style of the case is a bit like a teddy bear, but it is Hello Kitty instead. They are called 3D cases because they are in a shape unlike the usual rectangles that phone cases come in. The case also comes in a wide variety of colours, including pink, bright pink, red, blue, yellow and purple. It is available for iPhone 4, 4s and 5. It is most popular with girls and women. The cases retail on eBay with a free collectors gift box for £4.99 and international delivery is available.

See how the Hello Kitty silicone 3D case looks

Hello Kitty diamante diamond bling case
Hello Kitty diamante diamond bling case

Hello Kitty 3D Diamante Diamond Rhinestone Crystal 'Bling' Case

The Hello Kitty diamante diamond 'bling' case is based on the design above - the most popular style of Kitty case for iPhone. But instead of being made from soft silicone rubber, this case is actually made from hard plastic. The case is also encrusted with more than 500 diamante diamond rhinestone crystals to give a shiny, glittering appearance. This is how the cover became known as a 'bling' case - after the popular phrase 'bling, bling' to describe shiny gold jewelry.

The case itself is exactly the same dimensions and shape as the 3D silicone case. But it is a slightly more upmarket version, to give a more luxurious and glamorous feel. The case also comes packaged in a black velvet bag.

There is currently only one listing on eBay for this product, as it is a limited edition style of case. There have only been 100 made in the world, and in the two most popular colours of red and pink. This makes the Hello Kitty bling cases a collectors item, perfect for obsessive Hello Kitty fans. They currently sell for £12.99 with global shipping available.

See the Hello Kitty case glimmer....

Hello Kitty Peekaboo silicone case for iPhone
Hello Kitty Peekaboo silicone case for iPhone

Hello Kitty Peek-a-boo 3D Silicone Case

The Hello Kitty peekaboo cases are a design that is not as well known as the two shown above, but they are steadily rising in popularity. The cases - available for iPhone 4, 4s and 5 as well as Samsung Galaxy and Blackberry - feature Hello Kitty peeking out from one side, just like she's playing a game of peekaboo! This is really cute, and fits in with the character and style of Hello Kitty. It's great for kids, as it means that they are actually interacting - and playing - with Kitty every time they use their phone!

On the front of the case, Hello Kitty's face is half visible from the left hand side of the phone. On the back of the case, her whole body is visible. She's kind of hanging on the side of the case!

The covers are made from silicone rubber, which is the perfect material for younger children, as its more like a toy and gives the phone a much softer feel. It will also protect the phone from sticky fingers! The cases are available in a range of colours from black, white, pink and red. There are also some different styles in which the whole cover is the same colour. The peekaboo cases sell on eBay for £4.99 with international postage available.

  • Buy Hello Kitty Peekaboo cases on eBay

Hello Kitty deluxe chrome plastic and leather case for iPhone
Hello Kitty deluxe chrome plastic and leather case for iPhone

Hello Kitty Deluxe Leather And Chrome Plastic Hard Case

The Hello Kitty deluxe chrome plastic and leather hard case is another popular style for iPhone. The covers are available for iPhone 4, 4s and 5 and come in pink, purple, white, black and grey. As would be expected, the most popular colour is pink!

The cases are more subtle than the 3D silicone cases which are more like giant teddy bears. But for a Hello Kitty fan, these cases have the label and the iconic image of her face emblazoned on the synthetic leather back of the case.

The case is made from a combination of hard plastic that has been given a shiny chrome appearance and synthetic pu leather. The leather coating on the back of the case is where the colour varies, and it also features the Hello Kitty design. The cases are more traditional, in that they use the simple rectangular phone case shape. They fulfill all the basic functions of styling and personalizing the iPhone, in addition to providing some protection. They sell on eBay for £3.99. World shipping is available.


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