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Toshiba Satellite L505 The Writers' Choice

Updated on May 16, 2010

My computer

Toshiba Satellite L505 my writing companion
Toshiba Satellite L505 my writing companion

Three months ago I bought a laptop or notebook PC. It was a Toshiba Satellite L505. I needed the computer to support my job which is writing. Yes, I am a writer. I make money by monetizing my website and blogs the same as what most of the writers do in this

How much have I earned from writing?

If you want to know how much I have earned from working as a writer, please read my other hub: How to make money writing? It is my personal experience in writing business from selling articles to printed media such as Intisari and Flona magazines to monetizing my website and blogs with Google Adsense.

Everyday I write between 2 and 4 articles depending on ideas that I have in my brain and my emotional and physical condition. For me, expressing my opinions or stories are part of my daily activities. That's why I need the laptop. I run several blogs and websites. is the busiest one in terms of traffic and the number of members. It is visited by around 1,500 to 2,000 people a day. My blog gets around 150 unique visits a day and 5 to 50 visits a day. To maintain these website and blogs, I have to write at least one article for each of them. Toshiba Satellite has been my great writing companion. There are some features of this laptop that I like. Some of them are explained below:

Toshiba Satellite L505-S6946 My Writing Tool
Toshiba Satellite L505 has wide screen that is suitable for writers. As a writer, I like a notebook PC or laptop whose screen is big. Everyday I write between 3 and 4 articles. The time that I spend in creating webpages, hubpages and blog posts is the same as the time that is spent by office workers.
If I use computer whose screen is small, I have to move my eyes closer to my PC. Prolong contact in close distance with computer screen will cause painful eye strain.

Wide Display
When I buy my Toshiba Satellite L505-S6946, the screen is wide. The LCD or the display size is 16.0". In addition, it is has been enhanced with HD TruBrite LCD Display technology. I can maintain safe distance between my eyes and the computer screen.
If I feel that the screen is too bright, I can lower its brightness by adjusting it with a few clicks and mouse drags.

Soft Keys
Writing with Toshiba Satellite L505 is fun because its keys are soft. I only need gentle press on the keyboard to produce words or sentence that make up my article. For me soft buttons are important. I can safe my energy and produce more articles per day. Before using this laptop or notebook PC, I wrote 2 to 3 articles per day. Now I am able to write up to 4 articles, sometimes more. That's why this Toshiba Satellite is my writing companion.
Well, if you are now thinking of buying a new notebook PC to support your writing activities, please, consider Toshiba Satellite series as your next purchase.


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