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Tracfone Lg200c, Check out the New CDMA Tracfone

Updated on July 8, 2011

Tracfone LG 200c

The latest Tracfone LG 200c is available in CDMA only phone areas. Tracfone will only sell the CDMA phones in parts of the country where the GSM Phones do not work. Tracfone will only sell GSM phones to work on the AT&T or T-Mobile GSM networks if they have coverage.

The New CDMA phone for Tracfone from LG

LG 200c From Tracfone

LG 200c From Tracfone Front and rear view with battery removed.
LG 200c From Tracfone Front and rear view with battery removed.

The CDMA Tracfones

Tracfone and Net10 her sister company only sell a few of the CDMA phones that work on the Verizon or Alltel CDMA networks. The Kyocera K126, Lg 200c, LG 3280, Nokia 2126 are the most common CDMA Tracfones. It appears that Tracfone has the best deal on service from At&T. Your phone will be set to work on their network if AT&T has service in your area.

Even if At&t, T-Mobile, Verizon, and Alltel all work in your area the only phones Tracfone will be selling phones will be set up to use the AT&T network.

This 200c is a nice designed Tracfone. It fits really well into your pocket or purse. Since it doesn't have an Antenna stalk sticking out from the phone like most folding CDMA Tracfones.

The Tracfone Lg 200 is a One Rate Phone

This new CDMA phone is like all the new Tracfones and it is a One rate phone. This Phone will only charge you one unit for all calls including long distance, roaming and International calls. That is right only one Minute for International calls to many parts of the world on a single rate Tracfone. You need to go to the Tracfone web site to get direction and set up to dial internationally on your phone.

Tracfone Units and Service Roll Over

As long as you keep your phone active your Units and service time will roll over. If you run out of minutes or activation time before adding another Tracfone Unit Card you will be assigned a new phone number and you may lose your minutes. Tracfone would allow you to keep your units as long as you reactivated within 60 days of losing service, but this could easily change. Net10 Tracfone's sister prepaid company claims to not let you keep your minutes if your activation expires.

Net10 Introduces the Lg 200c Also

You can also get the LG 200c prepaid phone from Net 10 if you do not live in an area where either T-Mobile or AT&t work.

You can get 7.5 Cents per NET10 Minute. This is the best price on minutes for any prepaid Cell plan. This is less expensive than you can normally get minutes.

The LG 200c Battery

Both the Net10 and Tracfone Lg 200's I bought came with the LGIP-431C 800 mAh 3.7 volt battery. I have had very good service from this Lithium Ion Battery. My LG 200c usually holds a charge for up to 10 days.

Check out my article on The New Tracfone Motorola W376g

Tracfone Bluetooth Motorola W376g, Net10 Moto W375, Nokia Net10 1600.
Tracfone Bluetooth Motorola W376g, Net10 Moto W375, Nokia Net10 1600.


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    • profile image

      Doug Stratton 6 years ago

      I have a net10 phone with a defect. The defect is when I make calls the call timer does not work I have 700 Min on the timer it does not tick down when I make calls I still have to add cards to my service. I have unlimted calling. That's the best defect you can have. It save me a ton of money. I am sorry about all the bed luck you all had with the tracfone brand. for me its bin all good.

    • profile image

      luckystars 6 years ago

      i also have atracfone but when the minutes gets low i add a sixty minutes cardnto the minutes that i have because i like to keep my same telephone number and not lose like some peole d0 but the tracfone is my back up phone at home also because i use myn tracfone for long distant calls, all these other people all they are a bunch of cry babies.

    • profile image

      fashion  6 years ago

      i love this... my favourites mobile!

    • profile image

      Jareducation 6 years ago

      I was introduced to tracfone's SVC plan, which is designed for the elderly. The plan, and the phone are real cheap, so yes, it makes a lot of sense climbing on the save-money train. But what CDMA phone can I use for the plan? Is there only the one GSM phone available for the elderly?

    • profile image

      Cooler32 7 years ago

      I have this phone and it works well. I'm not gonna lie I would rather have an Iphone but this phone save me so much money that I really feel that i made the right choice. Using this phone instead of a higher priced alternative allows me to have more disposable income.

    • profile image

      MagicMike 7 years ago

      Very good phone with very good rates. If you are looking for a phone like i was with good service and good rates you probably wanna check this one out. I am a big tracfone advocate and will be for more than a little while. I am a bargain shopper and this is a bargain so naturally tracfone and i have a perfect romance.

    • profile image

      juan 7 years ago

      Agreed Kurt. Tracfone is the phone of choice fro me and my entire family with tracfone you cant go wrong. I am sick of these other phone companies offering false promises, Tracfone is the key to salvation for me and my family. We are having hard times so we naturally have turned to tracfone and we are having far better times now as a result.

    • profile image

      Kurt 7 years ago

      The phone discussed is a very nice phone, i had one myself. Tracfone is really putting out a lot of quality and i really do respect the brand. So far thee phone of topic has done well by me and i don't see that changing. I am really turning into a phone nut now. Tracfone all the way!

    • profile image

      Marcia W Studdard 7 years ago

      I have been a Tracfone customer for more than 8 years, and am tired of them "misrepresentating" the truth to me. I MUST HAVE a CDMA phone and my battery daily needs recharging. Am on 3rd or 4th phone. Callled Tracfone and their representative told me to go and buy "any brand CDMA phone" and they would transfer my number, minutes and plan(S). THEY LIED TO ME! I purchased a Straight Talk [CDMA] phone, and it clearly states on the box that it will NOT work on other brands, even though it uses Tracfone logo on their paperwork.

      Do people in marketing no longer speak the truth?

      I am a viable person, in a nursing home for physical therapy. Tracfone would have been excellent for my communication needs.


      Marcia W Studdard

    • profile image

      ettevyva 7 years ago

      It would help to know how old these posts are? I don't find any dates anywhere on here for the original post?

    • profile image

      Ed 7 years ago

      I bought a Tracfone LG 600G which was the wrong one for my area. Tracfone exchanged it for a refurbished LG 200C. The battery didn't work so they sent me a new one. When I try to charge the new battery, nothing happens! Not only did I not get equal value in cell phones, but I feel I got a lemon in the LG 200C.

    • profile image

      karen 7 years ago

      why doesn"t net 10 have smartphones yet? i really like net 10 "s service plan it"s the best prepaid plan out there,i just wish they had like a blackberry or moto q,

    • profile image

      anna 7 years ago

      i want my cell phone replaced because i cannot do anything with my phone. you guys said that you would replace it.

    • profile image

      BHA 8 years ago


      It is nothing more than a plastic cover to keep junk out of the charging port. If you look at the bottom of the phone when holding the phone with the front UP, you will see a little slot above the plastic piece. Put a fingernail in there and pull out, the plastic piece is hinged on the left.

    • profile image

      Karen 8 years ago

      My lg 200 tracfone charger won't go in the phone because something is blocking it. It looks like a piece of white cardboard. Help

    • profile image

      Jo 8 years ago

      Do the LG3280 & LG200c that are sold on the Tracfone website have the DMFL feature built in?

    • profile image

      sol45 8 years ago

      Tracfone just screwed me on my LG200C. I bought one in December 2008 and the screen started going haywire in March then went blank completely in August. This was a double minute for life phone bought at the local Walmart. Tracfone replaced it under warranty, but the replacement phone doesn't have the DMFL feature. I have contacted Tracfone about this and they said the phone never came with it. I told them that it most certainly did because that is the only reason I bought it. They still won't honor what they originally sold. They took away the double minute feature because they had to give me a new phone for free. Tracfone is a bunch of worthless scumbags and I will never recommend them to anyone. When my minutes are used up, I'm switching services.

    • profile image

      Cathy 8 years ago

      I have a new LG200C. How does the battery indicator work? I see colored bars but I can't tell how close it is to need recharging? Thank you.

    • profile image

      Carol 8 years ago

      My saga with my defective LG200C Tracfone continued thru 2 more replacements....Tracfone sent me a refurbished phone which wouldn't hold a charge for more than 5 minutes.....after the service rep hung up on me when I insisted on speaking to a supervisor, in another call Tracfone rep said it was a defective battery and they sent me a Motorola battery which (of course) wouldn't fit my LG phone...I finally found the Corporate support phone number in Florida and spoke to someone who sent me another new works but still won't hold a charge for more than a few hours. It's been a horrible experience and I wouldn't recommend LG phones or Tracfone.

    • profile image

      Valerie 8 years ago

      I have a LG200c Tracfone model that has DNFL built in. Recently I added 60 minutes to my phone along with a bonus 60 minutes with a promo code.

      My question: should the original 60 minutes I bought been doubled to 120 minutes, then the bonus 60 minutes for a total of 180 minutes ? It was only 120 minutes (60 + bonus 60) and I was told by Tracfone that if I used a promo code for bonus minutes that the original minutes could not be doubled. Is this accurate?


    • profile image

      dmain1 8 years ago

      I have a W376G from tracfone, GSM phones are the only thing they offer in my area, however GSM is handled by t-mobile which is VERY VERY bad around me.

      I can't even get service at my work which is the highest point in town.

      I would like to get a tracfone that uses CDMA so that I can use Verizon/Alltel as the carriers, who are great around my area.

      If I get a CDMA phone am I guranteed that Verizon or Alltell will be the carrier? thanks

    • profile image

      DianaS 8 years ago from Sacramento

      I have a W376g Motorola that I bought new almost a year ago. When I recently disconnected my landline home phone I noticed that the caller ID function stopped working. I had different rings for each family member and everyone's name showed up on screen. Now everyone comes in on a default ringtone and only the phone number shows up. I called Tracfone and all they could do was tell me the phone is defective. Anyone else encounter this problem and is it fixable?

    • profile image

      Christian M 8 years ago

      I recently bought my TracFone a LG200c after getting a phone that didn't work In my area and now I have little or no coverage more than 5 miles from my home or in the nearest town. What can I do to improve my coverage away from my home?

    • profile image

      ChrisG 8 years ago

      Bought the tracfone refurbished LG3280, bummer, the 2nd time it was needed, not emergency, it would not turn on, after 15 minutes of basically taking it apart and rebuilding it, it decided to come on. Called tracfone, they replaced it with a new LG200C, slightly upset, but acceptable.

    • profile image

      Rick Answer Affiliate 8 years ago

      I have over a year on my net10 lg 200c. I wish it had some more cool features but it has always worked well.

    • profile image

      zbikenut 9 years ago


      Absolutely, I believe you have a defective phone. I have not seen this phone available as a refurbished phone so it must be brand new? Defective phones seem to be more common when you get a refurbished or used phone.

      Tracfone Customer service seems to be a lot easier to deal with lately.

      Good luck

    • profile image

      Carol 9 years ago

      I just got a LG200C phone from Tracfone...can't get any sound from it....when someone calls me, my phone doesn't ring and I can't hear the caller (although they can hear me). I've adjusted the volume settings and no luck. Do you think I have a defective phone?

    • profile image

      Mike 9 years ago

      Where is the 5-digit code in the packaging for double minutes on any card? Thanks.

    • profile image

      RickC 9 years ago

      You can call Tracfone Customer Support at 1-800-867-7183 and they can reset your handset.

    • profile image

      MILO1 9 years ago


    • profile image

      RickC 9 years ago

      Yes, you can put in a zip code that Tracfone only offers CDMA phones and they will show you the CDMA phones that they are currently offering. A CDMA only zip code is 59601 or 59804.

    • Bike Web Guy profile image

      Bike Web Guy 9 years ago

      Can I purchase one of these and use it if I live in an area where AT&T works? They only sell GSM phones in my area.