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Twitter Automation Software

Updated on September 27, 2011
Twitter Automation Software Helps you save time and money
Twitter Automation Software Helps you save time and money

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Advances Software to Fully Automate Twitter Accounts

Twitter is growing at a incredible rate and for businesses and people who are busy Twitter automation software are becoming a must. To be successful in any venture you must focus on your skill and automate and outsource most other things. Since most of you are not experts in increasing Twitter followers or managing Twitter accounts using a Twitter automation software will definitely save you time and money. At the start when Twitter was just starting to get popular the automation software had very limited functionality. Mostly what they did was follow large number of users based on lists and list down users who didn't follow you back etc. Most other things like stop following, tracking your followers you had to to manually. With the improvement of Twitter API's and policies now we have fully automated Twitter marketing solutions capable of automating most things related to Twitter. One downside of this is that affiliate marketers have started to use this tools to find relevant followers and spam them with tweets. But Twitter is cracking down on spammers and started banning few of these accounts. These tools are great for companies and small business owners who want to have a presence in Twitter but don't have much time to spend on Twitter. Checkout the features of these Twitter software below are try the best Automation software for FREE.

TweetAdder Twitter Marketing Solution

In this section I will discuss about TweetAdder, the most advanced Twitter marketing solution currently going around and I will show you how it can help you automate most of the things you need to do with your Twitter account.

  • Automatically Add Twitter Users Based on Keywords - One of the most time consuming tasks when using Twitter is finding relevant followers and connecting with them. TweetAdder automatically finds users based on your keyword and follows them saving you valuable time which you can use for your business.
  • Automatically Stop Following Users - Although you follow lots of people not everyone starts following you back, and TweetAdder will automatically stop following those users for you, so you don't have to worry about manually going through your followers and stop following them. Also you can add users to white lists so TweetAdder will never unfollow them.
  • Support for Multiple Twitter Accounts - You can have an account each for every business you manage or niches you are competing and manage them all in one user interface, another great time saver.
  • Schedule Tweets - You can schedule tweets to appear on your timeline, so even when you are away on some work it will still post the tweets for you, making you look active in Twitter.
  • Auto Generate Tweets - Creates unique tweets for your according your specifications, so you don't have to worry thinking of 140 character messages.
  • Posts Tweets based on RSS Feeds - You can have your blogs or some other news feeds RSS connected and show them as tweets in your timeline, automatically adding content to your Twitter account
  • Automatic Direct Messages - You can send an automatic direct message to new users or direct message all your followers at once using the tools available in TweetAdder.
  • URL shortener and URL history - Automatically shortens long URL's for you and track there performance as well with historical data. This way you can check how your posts and affiliate links perform with your followers.
Try TweetAdder for free and check for yourself how easy it is.

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