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Twitter Guide for Beginners

Updated on September 29, 2011
Twitter Guide for Beginners
Twitter Guide for Beginners

How to effectively use Twitter

Twitter is very popular and with movie stars, sport stars and politicians joining it everyday it is bound to grow even more. If you are someone looking to join Twitter then there are few things you should consider before joining Twitter. Although businesses and celebrities have there own reason for joining Twitter most people join it to have some fun and follow there favorite celebrities. If that is the case then the below tips wont be that important to you, but they are very important if you are going to use Twitter to support your business or improve your brand name. Listed below are some things that you can use to improve your Twitter experience.

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Choosing a Twitter user name

Choosing a suitable Twitter user name is one of the most important things to do when joining Twitter. Twitter only allows 140 characters per tweet, so if someone wants to mention you in one of there tweets and you have a long user name then it could be troublesome for them and might result in him not mentioning you at all. Also if you are looking to build your personal brand or business brand it is important to choose a user name that reflects that. Since Twitter profiles get indexed in Google there is a growing trend to use keywords as your user name, but I personally prefer to have the brand name as the user name. Ultimately it is your decision, so choose what your comfortable with. A 6-10 character user name is recommended, but definitely keep it below 15.

Setting up the Mobile

This is important only if you are actively planning to use Twitter. If not then this wont be a must. Twitter lets you configure your phone to receive various alerts, you can set it to receive notifications only for direct messages or only for tweets from specific users. If you have enable mobile devices you can use it to quickly add a tweet when a Internet connection not available nearby as well.

Filling your profile

The next important things if filling your Twitter profile. As I mentioned in the beginning of this article if your objective with Twitter is to follow some celebrity or have some fun then this is not necessary. But if your a business or trying to use Twitter to increase traffic or build your brand filling the profile is very important. At the very least enter a location, your full name and the website if you have one. In the bio section you can write a bit about your company, It is important to add some relevant keywords in the bio section because then it will be much easier to be found by other users.

Use with care

Twitter is a great service with huge potential, so make sure you get the basic steps right before starting your Twitter adventure. And once you start using Twitter don't spam people with links etc for traffic. Take some time building connections and you will see a steady growth in your traffic.


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