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Useful Tools and Tips for Internet Reader

Updated on May 1, 2012
Tools and Tips for Internet Reader
Tools and Tips for Internet Reader | Source

Things That Internet Readers Should Know

These are some tips that I thing a good Internet reader might find helpful. One should know these tools and tips to browse and read the web conveniently. Below are some Google Chrome extensions, that I am recommending for this purpose. Other than these extensions, I will also discuss some useful tips to save your time and get useful quality content quickly with ease of use. Your online Internet reader experience will become more enjoyable after reading this article.

It would be very nice, if you are using chrome web browser, as below I am discussing about some Google Chrome extension. But, even if you are using other web browser, don't worry! Just search for the add-on or extension for your web browser with the same names I am going to tell you. These extensions or add-ons will improve your reader experience.

StumbleUpon to Browse and Explore the Internet of your Interest

StumbleUpon helps you to browse and surf the web of your interest. More you "Stumble", the system will then come to know about your interests and the more accurate results it will give to you. Instead of searching and wondering here and there over internet, you will get recommended pages in the your topic of interest. StumbleUpon is a very good concept and you should give it a try, as I think this system is perfect for the people who like to browse the Internet and to read the content of their interest. StumbleUpon will provide you the perfect recommended suggestions.

You can install StumbleUpon extension from your Google Chrome web browser. And then, it will become easy to Stumble the Internet and find the content which is best suited for you.

Feedly for Google Reader Users

It is very easy and convenient to subscribe the RSS feed from your favorite stream into Google Reader. Google Reader is a place from where you can read or get a notification about new content from your favorite blogs and websites and even you never need to open those sites.

Feedly gives a new modern face to your Google Reader subscription page. You can get access to feedly by authorizing it to your Google Reader Feed and allowing it to sync with it. After that, you can easily manage your subscriptions in Google Reader via feedly. Feedly is a smart way to read your feeds. You may install feedly xt for your Chrome web browser. Thus, you can get quick access to your subscribed feeds using this extension.

Google Translate for Translations

While browsing the internet, you could come across the content in unknown language. Google translate is the best option to translate and read such type of content. Having the extension of Google Translate, makes it more easy for you to get access to this translation service and make the translation quick and easy. Google translate is available in several languages in the world and it has some best functions like auto detecting the unknown language and translating it into your known language. Any Internet reader should have this extension to read the content in foreign language.

Google Dictionary to Find the Meaning of Words

A good reader should have a dictionary with him, so he can find the meaning of unknown words when he come across it. Google Dictionary is a perfect solution for the Internet Reader to find the meaning of words. Every Internet Reader should have Google Dictionary extension in his web browser, so he can find the meaning of words without any efforts. With Google Dictionary extension, meaning of words are just clicks away. Whenever, you double click the word, a small pop up bubble will appear with it's meaning. The detailed definition of word is accessible with extension button of Google Dictionary. This dictionary will also help you to find the meaning of foreign words. Install Google Dictionary to get the meaning of words and to learn the language and to become a good reader.

Evernote for Taking Online Notes

Evernote is a best web tool for taking online notes. You can save things you see on the web to your Evernote account. You may even search through your notes. Clip to Evernote extension is best to take these online Internet notes. By using this extension, you can save whole article into your Evernote account. Even you can save texts, links or images by highlighting them. As a reader, definitely you will like save some content. Evernote is an useful tool to do this.

Global Dark Night Themes from Stylish to Protect Your Eyes from Radiation of Computer

I saw night theme for the first time in UC mobile web browser. I loved that theme, because it protects my eyes form unwanted radiation coming from my mobile phone. Then I searched for if this night theme is also available for desktops, and then I found Stylish extension, using which I can install global dark night theme for my web browser. Thus, my eyes get protected, specially while browsing in the darkness of night. Any reader should use this extension and Global night theme for the protection of their valuable eyes. This is the important part of our body allowing us to read. So, we have to take care of it. Night themes make only content, written part visible to you, while darkening the other unnecessary brightness, which we have of no use. Thus, we can read online content while taking care of our eyes. Highly recommended for online Internet readers.

I hope you found this hub helpful. Please share it with your friends by using sharing options below. Thank You! :-)


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