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Using Videos in Viral Marketing

Updated on June 12, 2013
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Viral Video Star

Viral Video Star
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Viral Video Marketing

YouTube and other video sites have given the modern internet marketer another creative outlet for marketing their products and services. Online video advertising has become a fantastically effective method of getting your product to go viral.

What makes video advertising attractive?

It is common knowledge that the most effective adverts tend to use a mixture of visual stimulation and audio stimulation, they also tend to have the written word in there as well. People, who watch a video advert will see, hear and read. This means that the advertiser’s message is delivered in triplicate and is hard to escape for the viewer.

Video advertising has become a very cost effective way of advertising on a global scale now due to broadband and an increase in popularity for sites like YouTube. To go viral your video advertisement does not have to look all that professional and you can stick it on YouTube for free. Although it does not have to look professional it does have to be effective. The advert has to sell the product or service and has to stand out from the crowed. It had to be well thought out and must attract people. If your advert does none of these things then scrap it and start again.

What else must I think about for viral video marketing?

You must consider carefully where you are going to place this advert. I mentioned that you are able to place an advert on YouTube, but there are literally millions of other videos on there so competition will be stiff. You could place the video on your own website. This is recommended and has only one real problem which is the amount of bandwidth it will take up could cost you more money in webhosting. But remember that sometimes you must spend money to make money. It is probably best to post your video advertisement to several different places so that it gets a wider coverage. Video upload sites, blogs, related websites are all good places to post your video to increase its chances to go viral.

What makes a video go viral?

This is a tricky question to answer as there is no specific answer. For a video to go viral it needs to engage and entertain the viewer and should be short. Generally speaking the videos that tend to go viral are funny, shocking, funny and shocking or have a cute animal in it. If you can create an advert that involves a cute kitten falling off a chair or a table and landing in a box or something like that you will probably be on to a winner. Actually baby videos tend to go viral as well when they are funny. I am pretty sure that many readers will have seen or been sent the video of the baby who farts a cloud of talcum powder.

The key with viral video marketing is to create a buzz about your video so that people will send the link to your video to all of their friends who will send them to all of their friends and so on and so forth.

Just remember there are no hard and fast rules with viral video marketing most of the time it is the roll of the dice. But you are able to increase your chances by making your video funny or cute.


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