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Social Media Sites for Marketing and Branding

Updated on March 16, 2013

Video Sharing and Social Media

Video sharing has become extremely popular over the past five years. People make videos to share for fun, teaching and marketing. Here are 10 of the biggest video sharing sites and a brief description of their features.
What you need to get started making and sharing videos:

A good camera. Aside from the sony Bloggie,Kodak Playtouch, and Kodak EasyShare, there are many other good cameras on the market that are easy to find and reasonably priced. The high-definition editions are recommended because for a professional image, and an audience that will actually sit through one of your videos, there should b a crisp, clear image on the screen. Cell phones with video are convenient, but the quality is not good enough. Only use a cell phone for catching brief images on the go, that will enhance your blog. If you are serious about making video an integral part of your social media marketing, invest in a camera. It is well worth the investment.


1) YouTube is the leader in online video hands down. Everyone has at least heard of YouTube. Because Google bought Youtube several years ago, video content is integrated within regular Google search results, giving this site a major advantage over other video sharing sites, as you are more likely to get exposure from people who are searching keywords in Google search bar. Youtube also makes it easy to upload and share videos.


2) There is a free, and a Business version. The paid sites allow customization and branding. Some of the benefits of MailVu is that it is simple to use, and is great for emailing video greetings. Video email, possibly leading to a powerful way of expanding your influence and branding. A free i phone plug in makes this a convenient way to share videos.


3) Skype was once just used for calling. Currently many marketers have begun recording video on this site too. It is a very simple and powerful video site because you may record just yourself, or you may interview someone and show them on a split screen, or you can both broadcast and record your own webisode with a video partner in another state or country.


4) Vimeo emerged from a community of like minded people. This is a clean and professional site where members gather to post and share videos. Vimeo was created for professionals who want to share their creative work, along with intimate personal moments of their everyday life.

Today Vimeo is a niche sharing site that emphasizes quality, drawing filmmakers, directors, and artists. You may join groups on Vimeo, create your own group, or even create your own channel. Vimeo membership is $59.95 per year.

5) It is said that is the largest independently owned video network in the world. A unique component of is that advertisers share profits 50/50 with the show creators. When you first sigen up, you have the option of allowing advertising, which allows you to make money. The perfect site for those who want to create episodes and Internet TV shows. is a nice, user-friendly web page, where it is easy to quickly upload video and produce immediately. You will find all kinds of posts on


6) This is a fun site that is also an excellent marketing tool, enabling you to share and optimize videos specifically for the sake of marketing. The component that makes Viddler so unique is that you can brand videos with your logo, create your color scheme, and even have the videos link back to your website. You may also post comments and tags at specific points in the video and share your videos with i Tunes or RSS feed. If using this site for business use, there will be monthly fees. But with the fees are an abundance of perks, including dedicated support.


7) This site is for anyone who wants to have a live streaming Internet TV show. It provides an interactive video broadcast platform where anyone with a camera and Internet connection can easily broadcast to the public. This site system encourages two way communication between on-air talent and viewers. It also offers unlimited possibilities for the entepreneur and small business owner.


8) If you would like to continue to build your fan base and shere your expertise and business story. you can do this live on Blog Tv. The site exclaims, "you bring the webc am< we bring the stage." Broadcast your own shows from your webcam and blog. you can chat with viewers and get lvie feedback while you are recording your show. You can share your show with friends and post it to yoru blog. you can also upload photos, create events, upload music, ans share it with just freinds or make it pulic.


9) A good site for online marketers. Tubemogul has a solution for users who distribute or syndicate their video to a number of sites. There is a submission platform that allows you to upload videos up to 20 video sharing sites at once. You may also send it directly to Twitter and Facebook. With this site you can also brand your video display on the screen.

My favorite feature is that if you are in the video and a viewer puts the cursor on your face, an information pop-up box will show up describing who you are. They also provide a video analytics dashboard of your video so you can see where your videos are viewed .


10) This site is actually older than Youtube. This site focuses on original, user-generated content rather than secondhand content such as recordings from television shows or movie clips. You will also notice that there are not many hard news stories, the majority of videos are by far entertainment quality. Metacafe is unique in the video sharing community in that it allows the user community to have an active say in which videos become visible on hte site based on user reviews and rankings.

Free Social Sites Can Go A Long Way

These are the top 10 social media and video sharing sites. Try all of them and decide which ones are working best for you.


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