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What Every Website Owner Should know about Keywords

Updated on April 24, 2012

There are many businesses online that are selling a product, providing a service, or securing information about a variety of things. The problem that most of these businesses have is that they are not receiving the traffic that they would like. So, the owners end up doing a lot of researching into ways they can help p their rankings to get more traffic. They get to know a lot about SEO, PPC, page rank, marketing and all the other acronyms that are associated with it. Yet, they always miss the importance of keywords.

Let’s take a look at what keywords can really do to help your website.

Here, are three questions and answers to help you understand what keywords can do for your business.

1. What are keywords?

Simply put keywords are words that people use to search for information on the World Wide Web. They are searching for an answer to questions that are on their mind right now. For example, keywords can be as simple as “how many states in the U.S.” or other can be as complicated as “relativity formula” A lot of results come back for those keywords, and they will usually supply the information I need in a short amount of time.

2. What keywords will drive traffic to your website?

The idea behind a keyword is to r try and get into the mind of a searcher. When they search for keywords they want the results to be a specific as possible. These keywords will help you isolate the ones that are specifically related to your business. To help you with that task, there are some very valuable keyword tools online that can help you associate that content. Right now Google’s keyword tool, and the Google trends website can help you enormously.

With Google keyword tool, it can help you search by a multitude of ways that will help provide you a basic list of keywords. For example, take your website in the external tool and Google will crawl, your website searching for relevant content. This content will all be related to your website. It will then bring back a host of keywords that are directly related to you and your website. Google trends can give you an idea on the amount of traffic being searched for on a particular website.

3. What you can do with your list of keywords?

There are lots of things that you can do with these keywords, to help your business. First is to isolate and create content around each of these keywords. This includes articles, blogs, press releases and other content. This content will actually help guide the visitor to your website.

As you explore these keywords, you will find that some are more successful than others. This leads you into the conclusion that you should focus around these keywords that are most successful for your particular niche.

Many people lode not like or know how to write their own content, so they outsource this work to freelance writers. Freelancers will write articles, around these keywords to entice people to come to your website for more information on the services you offer. So, get that list of keywords and start forming your list of essential keywords in your niche

Search engines rely on these keywords, to help locate the most relevant information for the searcher. Do not over use the keywords that you are choosing. However, always make your content useful and relevant to the topic of your website. If, you do you will more than likely be able to drive more traffic, and produce more results with your website.

Keep in mind: keywords are a crucial component of online marketing. If you use them in your website copy, you'll improve your rankings on Google, Yahoo, MSN Bing, and other search engines. If you ignore them, your site and your business could be lost in space.


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