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What To Do with Your Facebook Fan Page to Grow Your Blog

Updated on September 1, 2012

Facebook Albums

Facebook and Networking

So you have a Facebook Fan Page... now what? Obviously, if you're online and want to network, you're on Facebook. If you have a blog, you need a Facebook Fan Page; it will help you grow your blog.

In this hub, I will briefly go over how to get a fan page if you don't already have one and then I'll share my best tips on how to make your page work for you. Enjoy!

How to Make a Facebook Fan Page

Log into Facebook. You must have a personal account to have a professional fan page. If you're worried about anonymity (I was too), let me reassure you that any fans of your page will not be able to see any aspect of your personal account.

Scroll down to the bottom. Your feed will keep loading new posts so I recommend clicking your messages so you don't have to scroll forever. At the bottom, you'll see a link that says "Create a Page". Click and then go through all the questions they'll ask you about your page's category, etc.

Facebook Button on Your Blog

Make sure you have a good-looking, clear, professional button on your blog that links to your page. I wrote a whole post on how to add all the social media buttons HERE.

Photo Albums

Facebook Albums - upload pictures from blog posts to specific albums that include a link to your post. If you want to look even more professional, make Pinterest buttons out of some of the pictures.

Unfortunately, the links don't go onto the pictures so it's not like a fan could click the picture to get to the post. They'll have to click the long-form link you put in the caption. That's alright because that's the way everyone has to do it.

You can make the links prettier by going to and creating tiny links. With this site, you can even customize your link so it's not just some random letters.

When you publish the photos with the link captions, they will appear on your fans' feed. From there they can click, like and share! Woo Hoo!!!

And Of Course...

... Have great, interactive content to increase your fan base! The more fans you have, the more likely your blog posts will be spread around and the more page views you'll get. And isn't that what we're all hoping for - more page views?? ;-)


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    • Julie DeNeen profile image

      Blurter of Indiscretions 5 years ago from Clinton CT

      I'm really working hard to build my fan page. I started a couple of days ago and have 115 likes. But now, I'm out of friends and need to figure out some other ways. I'll try the picture idea. Thanks!