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What is Baidu-Best Chinese Search Engine Company-Submit URL to Search Engine

Updated on May 7, 2011
chinese symbol for money
chinese symbol for money
Baidu | Source

What is Baidu-Best Chinese Search Engine Company

What is Baidu-Best Chinese search engine company and how to submit url to Baidu search engine?

Baidu is a Chinese language based internet search engine.

The Website provides users with the best search sites used for finding information online that includes web pages, images, news, blogs and multimedia.

Submitting to Search Engine

On the Baidu website is an area to add a url and submit to search engines just like one would add url to Google.

Adding a url to the Chinese search engine free would also show up in the local search engines results.

It is not complicated to add a free search engine submission URL to Baidu with the use of translate enabled in a browser.

However finding the url search engine submit form can be very hard to find because it is somewhat hidden in the main website.

Included here is a direct link to the page. Baidu url submit page is located at

If the browser your using doesn't have translate then go to the link type in your website url and enter the numbers and letters in for Captcha system (this should be in English).

There is only one button on the page the submit button. After submitting the best way to know if your submission was successful is to notice the URL should say

Note taken from the site:

  • Simply submit a free visit the website page (Home), Baidu search engine automatically included in Web pages.
  • Compliance with the relevant standards to submit your URL, within 1 month in the Baidu search engine included by the standard to be processed.
  • Baidu can not guarantee that you submit your site.

Baidu was founded in Beijing, China in 2000 and today is the largest search engine in China. Baidu currently serves China and Japan.

Baidu stock ticker symbol (BIDU) is the first Chinese company to be publicly traded on the NASDAQ-100. It is listed under Sector > Technology > Industry > Computer Services.

To make a comparison Baidu is the Chinese form of the American search giant Google.Adding a url is the same process as to add url to Google. An example of a large Japanese hosting company is

Baidu co-founder and CEO Robin Li.
Baidu co-founder and CEO Robin Li. | Source


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