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What is SAP HANA ? Everything You Need to Know about SAP HANA

Updated on July 19, 2016

SAP HANA : In Memory Solution

SAP HANA for Speed, Flexibility and Scale
SAP HANA for Speed, Flexibility and Scale | Source

What is SAP HANA ?

What is HANA ? SAP HANA is an in-memory database solution from the ERP giant SAP itself.

SAP HANA Enterprise is an ERP suite developed by SAP, which combines SAP database software on servers which are pre-tuned to use in-memory, storage and networking. It provides real-time data to the application servers for analysis, transaction and reporting purpose.-

SAP HANA is not just a software, but it is a combination of hardware and software which created to handle massive database in real time and provide in-memory computing. HANA combines all SAP tables into some vertical and some horizontal tables. This makes possible to reside all data in real-time main memory (RAM) and not on the hard disk. Keeping database in main memory makes it easier to retrieve in less time. SAP HANA is suitable for increasing amounts of database. It can be helpful to perform real-time analysis, develop and deploy real-time application. This makes overall integration easier.

Leave it on Memory...

How SAP HANA is Faster ?

SAP HANA provides in-memory database and so all databases are stored in the main memory. This makes possible to load data directly without fetching it from hard disk. This saves time and improve efficiency as the data is live. Currently systems need to get the data from hard disk. In processing, the system uses some data from real memory and keep some in hard disk. With HANA this delayed process can be eliminated. So the CPU can quickly access the database it needs to process the applications. So this is the speed advantage HANA offers and it can be accelerated by multi-core and multiple CPUs.

For business users, day to day transaction and other reporting became faster as the system provides data from real-time memory. This enables various business process and workflow to complete in a timely manner. Especially period end process can be significantly faster with faster processing of reports and reconciliations.

Technical Component of SAP HANA

The main part of the SAP HANA Enterprise is the in-memory database and it's data processing application. The data processing application melds column based, row based and object based storage techniques. There are several other components in SAP HANA, which requires to run the system smoothly.

Some additional components are as below:

  • SAP In-Memory Computing Studio,
  • SAP Host Agent 7.2,
  • SAPCAR 7.10,
  • Sybase Replication Server 15,
  • SAP HANA Load Controller 1.00, and,
  • SAP Landscape Transformation 1 - SHC for ABA.

These are some technical parts of HANA networking. SAP is also developing some add-ons for different SAP modules take best advantage of this architecture.

SAP HANA Basic Architect

Which Applications HANA support ?

Until now SAP evolved itself as a user-friendly ERP tool which is highly integrated in its various modules. Now with HANA, SAP is delivering several next generation, an analytically designed application which can use real-time data integration to provide most efficient analysis and less time-consuming transactions.SAP Simple Finance, and COPA accelerator are some examples of HANA applications. SAP is continuously developing other applications which can be used in various other business sectors such as defense, telecommunication, insurance, banking, manufacturing, customer service, retail and finance.

HANA is highly integrated and optimized to support data modeling and reporting at various levels.SAP is working on to provide an application that works with enhanced framework and database tunneling. One good example is Simple Finance tool. Such tools can use in-memory networking for better transaction support.

Which is a better suit provided by SAP ?

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SAP and Hardware

SAP HANA need hardware with special memory requirements. SAP has partnered with various hardware providers such as HP, IBM, Dell, Fujitsu to sell SAP-certified hardware which can support HANA. These hardware providers will provide machines (desktops, laptops and hand held tablets) which come with memory and HANA platform pre-installed.

In addition, SAP is also selling licences to use SAP HANA and other application tools which include HANA database, cloud computing and data modeling tool (also known as SAP HANA Studio).


In a nutshell, SAP HANA is SAP's new application server which provides in-memory solution with its column oriented database management system. This new suite aimed to handle larger amounts of data while taking advantage of in-memory and hardware. SAP started deploying HANA suit and aimed to upgrade in all current clients in next 10 years.


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