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Why Every Blogger Should Use

Updated on May 9, 2011

What is

Yousaytoo is an innovative bloggers revenue sharing community.where you can create your own blogs,upload flash games,start discussions and make revenue using Google Adsense and Amazon affiliate.

How Bloggers will be benefited with Yousaytoo ?

We all know that backlinks are very important to get more search engine traffic.This is one of the best place to get quality backlinks to our content.At the same time we can make money from Adsense revenue sharing feature.Yousaytoo splits Google Adsense and Amazon ads impressions in your yousaytoo account 50/50.

Yousaytoo is different from other social blogging and Adsense revenue sharing sites because of its 'Add Your Blog' feature which allows you centralize all of your existing blogs to one site.You can add blogs to Yousaytoo from Blogger,Wordpress,Typepad,Livejournal,Facebook and other blogging platforms and increase your readership and make extra money at the same time.

Innovative feature In Yousaytoo is you have to add your blog to Yousaytoo with minimum of 3 blogposts.Once you add your blog all new entries from it will be imported to your Yousaytoo account.This will increase your readership and revenue from Google Adsense and Amazon affiliate sales.


One More option to make money with is by referring member.Referring Members is very beneficial to you.You will get additional 15% Adsense impressions from your referred users content and 10 % from their referred users.This is really great.

If you are a blogger add your blog at for free and increase your readership and adsense revenue at the same time.If you are using Hubpages to write online you can create backlinks to your hubs by using their blogging platform and make money with Adsense at the same time.

One more thing is you can use an benefit from Hubpages traffic referral program (You have to work within their terms and conditions)

If this information is helpful for you join here

Happy Blogging !!!

Best Way to Benefit from Yousaytoo is

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