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Wilson Cell Phone Signal Boosters Give You More Bars

Updated on March 8, 2011


Reliable cell phone service is taken for granted by those of us living in metropolitan areas. Those living and traveling in areas that have a sparse array of cell phone towers suffer from inconsistent coverage and dropped calls. I have been in houses that due to the metal roof or being in the basement, getting a cell phone signal requires that you stand near a window. Great offices can have everything except great cell phone reception. Tall buildings clad in materials including metal and steel are notorious for signal blocking. Warehouses, stores and factories coving a couple of city blocks have spotty cell phone reliability at best. Even though extensive office phone systems provide calling solutions from voice mail to conference calls there are times that using a cell phone is imperative.


Dead spots can be in the dining room or down the road in the valley between two hills.  You can be talking away and suddenly realize that the person on the other end is not responding. Then you begin playing phone tag while each of you contemplates whether to call back or wait for the other to initiate another call. Finally the call is on again – until you round the next curve. There are many natural and man-made obstacles of cell phone service. Trees, hills and buildings all impede the signal that travels from a cell phone tower to a cell phone and vice-versa. Planning your conversations around cell phone dead spots is agitating and in the case of an emergency could be dangerous. Data service is also important and can also be limited by spotty coverage.


Fortunately do-it-yourself options are available to wirelessly extend cell phone connection reliability for both single and multiple users without the need for constructing new cell phone towers. Wilson Electronics offer several FCC approved Phone Signal Booster Kits for homes, offices and vehicles. They work on a simple premise – they boost the strength of the cell phone signal so that it reaches the nearest cell phone tower. You will see the increased strength via the added bars seen on your cell phone.

Each Wilson Cell Phone Booster Kit works much the same way. The inside unit connects to an antenna (placed either inside or outside) the home, office or the vehicle. Depending on which Wilson Cell Phone Signal Extender Kit you choose you will find multiple cellular technologies compatible including CDMA, TDMA, GSM and AMPS. Compatible Data technologies include HSDPA, EVDO, EDGE, GPRS and 1xRTT. If you have cell phone service inside the United States or Canada you are covered unless your provider is Nextel, MIKE or iDEN.


The Wilson Electronics DT (Desktop) model works for multiple users. The antenna can be mounted inside by a window (pointed towards the nearest cell tower) but will provide the most power if installed outside on the wall or roof (pointed towards the nearest cell tower). Once mounted the coaxial running from the antenna is attached to the Wilson DT unit. The desktop unit is designed to be used within a single room.

The Wilson SignalBoost Kit with magnetic antenna and cell phone cradle is designed to be for a single user. While the cell phone is in the SignalBoost cradle (with a built-in antenna) the signal is increased to maximum of 3 Watts. The vehicle’s cigarette lighter provides power for the Wilson SignalBoost Kit.

The Wilson DB Pro Kit is designed for multiple users and multiple devices while inside of a building. The external antenna is omni-directional – meaning that it does not have to be pointed at a particular cell tower. Inside there is a panel antenna that takes the increased cell phone signal and distributes it for better reception of all devices. The external and internal antennas physically connect to the base unit via ordinary television RG-6 cable. Everything you need comes with the Wilson DB Pro Kit and it is easy to install.

The Wilson MobilePro Cell Phone Signal Booster is designed for multiple users in vehicles or in buildings. It is easy to install and there are no need for tools. The MobilePro can be used in a vehicle or in a building. There is a small outside antenna equipped with a suction cup to attach it to a window. The unit can be powered via a USB port on a computer or by a standard power adapter. While in a vehicle the MobilePro antenna is magnetically attached to the roof and the cable is run through a window to the dash mounted base unit. Power can be provided by a USB port of a laptop computer or through the cigarette lighter. The MobilePro can easily move between vehicles.


These Wilson Cell Phone Booster Kits make it possible to use a cell phone for both voice and data from nearly anywhere. There is no need to suffer from dropped calls and low cell phone signals. For those living in an area with few cell phone towers or that have objects that interfere with cell phone signals there are solutions on an everyday basis. If you simply travel through areas with spotty cell phone service there is a solution for those times too.


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    • Astride Knighted profile image

      Astride Knighted 7 years ago

      I had never really given this much thought but cell phone boosters are a great idea. I live in a rural area that has spotty coverage. The Wilson cell phone signal booster would be handy to change my one bar into a good strong signal.