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Wireless N Router Review 2015

Updated on January 23, 2015

Wireless n routers are popular because they are much faster than routers that used previous industry standard communication protocols and can communicated with so many different devices.

Picking a wireless n router, to buy, is tricky because there are so many different options and technologies available. To help you decide, I have reviewed 3 of the top new wireless n routes in wireless n router review 2015.

  1. Cisco-Linksys E3000 - In my opinion the top wireless n router of 2015.
  2. The Medialink - The top budget wireless n router of 2015.
  3. Apple AirPort Extreme - The best router if you have any of Apple's products on your network.

Cisco-Linksys E3000 High-Performance Wireless-N Router

Cisco-Linksys is a powerful dual band router using 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz. This greatly increases the speed for large wireless networks and allows you to setup 2 different levels of security.

Thanks to its handy USB port and a built-in UPnP AV media server, it allows you to you share files over its network as well as stream media content into any compatible device (which is most devices on the market). The software makes setting up the router easy, and Internet protection software prevents free loaders and other issue. Which includes WPA/WPA2 Personal and SPI firewall protection.

For families there is a parental control panel for safe and effective screening. The router is ideal for family use. Up to 10 user profiles with different security setups is supported by the system. The four-gigabit Ethernet is optimum for all gigabit-enabled devices such as computers, hard drives and servers.

Though innitial setup is easy using the more advanced features can be a little tricky.

Top rated wireless n router 2015
Top rated wireless n router 2015

Medialink - Wireless N Router - 802.11n - 150 Mbps - 2.4 Ghz

Medialink is probably one of the easiest and most efficient routers to set up. With a fast speed of 100 Mbps and 150 Mbps on the router, it makes streaming videos easy.

The customer support is brilliant, although I doubt you will need it. The medialink comes with up to date encryption types and security . Security features include but are not limited to; WPS (WiFi Protected Setup), WPA and WPA2 Security Protocol, WEP, TKIP and AES - 64 and 128 Bit Encryption. The Routing and Firewall Protocol is DHCP. The router also supports adapters with a 802.11b, 802.11g and 802.11n which operates on a 2.4 Ghz wavelength.

The router works on both PC’s and Macs with the WHQL Certified by Microsoft, compatible with Windows 2000, XP, Vista and 7. One technical con to this product is that it is not compatible with some modems such as HughesNet HN7000s and HN900.

Compared to the other 2 premium routers this budget router doesn't handle larger wireless networks as well and it has less range. However it is quite good for smaller networks.

Best cheap wireless n router 2015
Best cheap wireless n router 2015
Apple wireless n router 2015
Apple wireless n router 2015

Apple AirPort Extreme Base Station

The Apple AirPort Extreme Base Station is the Mac router that is most popular with the Apple fan based community. The dual band wireless supports 802.11b/g and 802.11n. The set up is easy and efficient, in fact it is as easy as open, unwrap and plug in.

There are three Gigabit Ethernet ports. The router does work with Mac and PC’s as well as other Apple devices such as Ipad, Iphone and Apple TV. Easy Wi-fi sharing is supported with a guest network. Integration of external hard drives is easy.

One problem with the device is that there is only one ‘system health’ light, making it difficult to see what is the problem is, when there is a problem. Another problem is that there are only three integrated downstream Ethernet airports. Linux users be warned this product does not work well with your OS.

Despite the problems I would definitely recommend this product for Apple users.

I hope you found what you where looking for in wireless n router review 2015. If you enjoyed this article you should also check out best photo printer 2015 and best digital pen 2015.


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