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Youtube Necessities

Updated on October 21, 2014

Evolution of Dance

Charlie Bit My Finger

Double Rainbow

CHAAAARLLLIEEE!!!! the unicorn

The Big, The Old and The Totally Drugged Up

I sometimes wonder how many people just live underneath a rock and have never seen a Youtube video before? My mom is around 60 years old and her favorite thing to do is to sit around and watch youtube videos all day while she at work. I do not believe there is a day that I have not come over to her house and she didn't show me a video off of youtube. Some really are hilarious and amazing, but the majority are just ridiculous. Sure, cat ninja is funny how sneaky he is, but after the 50th time I want to punch that little kitty in the face.

I wouldn't pity those people who missed out on all of the crazes though. I have been fortunate enough to skip out on most of them, but I am a culprit of doing a harlem shake. Who didn't? That probably is the best craze to have happened in the history of Youtube.

What else are you going to compare it to? Remember the flash mobs phase? Everyone would practice a song and dance and then randomly get together in a very busy place and start to dance. It was like living in a musical and apparently nothing every gets done in musicals. Have you ever been somewhere where a flash mob is happening? Ya you won't get those moments back and I bet you no one around you was productive in the slightest.

What about the ALS ice bucket challenge? In the beginning, I thought it was really interesting and great. What was awesome is that nobody in the beginning understood why the heck they were doing it. They would just say ALS challenge throw some water and then they would challenge others. That was the best part for everyone for sure. I luckily avoided this like the black plague. Not that I don't think the cause is great, but because the guy who started it for his friend decided to celebrate by jumping off his roof into his pool that was full of ice. For a guy smart enough to start this fund raiser, what an idiot move! The guy ended up dying. Yikes, I feel bad for the guy and so in rememberance of him, I am now against Ice.

But enough with the bad. Who missed the good stuff? I am talking about the originals. Remember Evolution of dance? That was just classy in all senses of the word. The guy is talented and it was for a good cause. Sure the remakes were horrible, but can't judge the video for that.

Or how about Charlie the unicorn or Charlie bit my finger? Gotta love the Charlie duo. They both were huge hits. Both of them I swear the people in it are on acid or some other drugs. "DOUBLE RAINBOW ALL THE WAY ACROSS THE SKY! What does it mean?" Another guy totally on drugs. Or you could watch "Drinking out of Cups" and hear a guy who was literally on acid? All are great.

You could also just watch "Pork and Beans" by Weezer and see a bunch of the most famous Youtube videos wrapped into one.

Pork and Beans - Weezer

Bed Intruder Song

Ain't Nobody Got Time For That

Dead Giveaway

The Songified Versions - The Better-Half

Who Remembers when there was a break in at Lincoln Park? Luckily Antoine Dobson was there to make sure that we all knew what was going on. In some of the most inspirational words ever spoken, he let us know, "Hide yo wife, Hide yo kids, Hide yo husband, cause he's raping everybody out there".

What about that one time when a group of people were just sitting around drinking a cold pop and when "Oh lord, There was a fire". A-STONISHING, are the things that happen in the world. Sometimes you find Amanda Berry and call for the cops, just to see them go 30-40 deep into a house. Just remember, "You know somethings wrong when a little pretty white girl runs into a black mans arms. DEAD GIVEAWAY!"

You may say after hearing about all of these experiences, ain't nobody got time for that. I would have to tell you to make time though. Cause these are serious issues in the world and they must be addressed. Cause believe it or not, gingers do have souls and double rainbows do exist. We may not know what they mean, but they are so bright and vivid (I am talking about the hair of the ginger btw).

All of these tragedies and successes, luckily, have been caught on video. Even better than that they have been also made into great songs. It is amazing to me how the songs are actually really good. Did you know that the Antoine Dobson song was actually in the top 100 Billboard list of songs in a month? That is so crazy. If you haven't seen these yet, REPENT.

Little Justin Bieber

Hey, Wanna Get Famous?

Remember when people would get famous from having parents that were super rich and had some amazing connections. Good enough ones to get them on the Mickey Mouse Club and other things like that. I always wondered how kids would get famous, but then again you have to remember the old saying, "It's not what you know, but what you know".

That was true until Youtube was introduced and the idiots of the world would now be known. Anyone could become famous overnight. It's beautiful. I can search for just a couple minutes and boost my self esteem rapidly. Who needs to read a self help book when you have youtube, right? I once had a video of me get posted on youtube. You wanna know what the video was about? It was about me slipping on a rock and nailing my crotch on it. I have since put actual videos on Youtube and none have gotten to the views of that one Crotch-nailing video.

On one side of the scale you have the idiots. You also have the talented. Who remembers that little, high pitched singer that super famous off of Youtube. He actually had a choice to sign a record label with Usher or Justin Timberlake. I knew I didn't like him when he signed with Usher. Little did I know what he would turn into. I remember the first time I saw his name, I said, "I don't understand the whole craze about this "Babe-er" kid (that's how I pronounced it)". My sister went off to scream at me and let me know that it was Beiber, Justin Beiber...

Luckily for every Justin Beiber, we get people who bless this world with hilariously outrageous songs that have the cleverest, and most vulgar, lyrics known to man. I still believe that the best thing to come from Youtube is the BOYO. Bo Burnham is hilarious and if you can stand a little crude humor than you should check out his "I'm Bo yo" Song. Then listen to everything else.

I'm Bo Yo


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