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Do you use Gmail and notice any difference of late?

I am noticing some very silly thing since 3 days. Whenever I click one of my mail and then go to the links in the mail and come back again to my mail, the page begins reloading again. So, for each mail view, it consumes extra time spent in loading the page again. If I delete the mail then and there, it is okay. But, if I go to the link and then return back, it gets loading again, and I can't view the next mail until the previous mail is deleted and the page gets loaded. Is this a new feature? I would like to know your experiences.


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MarieLB says

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2 years ago
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    Venkatachari M 2 years ago

    But, it is not a temporary glitch. It is there since 3 days after some updates by windows on Wednesday evening. After view of each mail link, when I go back to Gmail, it starts reloading. I should find some remedy for this.

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