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Blogging and RSS Addiction

Updated on April 28, 2015

How many of you blog out loud?


Blogging with BAD

Do you find yourself constantly blogging, reading blogs and shooting off RSS feeds?

Then you have BAD. No, I am not calling you BAD. Rather you have Blog Addiction Disorder. The desire to write post when you should be utilizing your time better is strong. You may have several blogs that you post at to feed your addiction. This is a form of Internet Addiction Disorder (IAD). Moreover, blogging can be destructive to your relationships around you.

We all blog for many reasons: personal fulfillment, product reviews, niche blogs, business blogging and blogging in order to get more traffic and links to other writing and websites.

Below is a list of my blogs (though there are several inactive ones not listed). Share your blog in the plexo provided. Make sure to sign the guestbook.

Participate in the poll below. It applies to both BAD and IAD. See if you are in need of recovery treatment.

My Blogging Addiction

Guest Writers Are Welcome to All My Blogs

Should I blog or kill a blog

Since I had first wrote this I had and still do many blogs. However I have only been somewhat active in one and barely active in another. The other blogs I had not added anything for a long time. Shou

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RSS can be a dirty word

Customize it  for a men's shirt or sweatshirt. Many styles available. Click on the source link to view.
Customize it for a men's shirt or sweatshirt. Many styles available. Click on the source link to view. | Source

Do You RSS Everything?

RSS Addiction - Need to Feed

Do you have an addiction to RSS

Do you have an addiction to RSS, most commonly said to be an acronym for 'Really Simple Syndication'? Do you feel like you have to feed everything that you see into your blogs, your network sites and HubPages.

It is a never ending cycle. Nearly everything on the web has an RSS.

We RSS our blogs, which are the easiest to do and then there is our social networks that we feed into other sites. Sometimes these are a little trickier to find for accessing.

Then there is the RSS from sites outside of our own,.But related to our articles and blogs. We add these to give credibility and back links to our own writing.

Reading other feeds and blogs can take all day. With an extreme addiction, sometimes we have to be choosy on what is the most important to read. Can we really read everything we want to read in the course of the day?

Speaking of HubPages, if I want to know what the RSS feed would be it would look like this.

For yourselves you would add your account ID to the RSS. Since I have two other accounts here, I would add Sandyspider or ReviewsfromSandy in place of SandyMertens.

For other sites you will have to read how to create a RSS from there.

Of course you would use this on site that can except feeds. Looking at these on HubPages will take you to the profile page, but not the way a feed would work unless it is on another site. Just try this out yourself. Many blogs, and social media sites have a build in RSS capsule or module.

OMG My House is So Dirty - Questions on Internet Addiction - Yes Blogging is an Addiction

After being on the internet do you have difficulty sleeping or concentrating?

See results

No right or wrong answers or score.

This is to make you aware that you may have an internet problem.

Take the test on Are You an Internet Addict?.

When you are not on the computer, do you have a constant yearning to get back online?

See results

"OMG, I found myself ROTFLMAO."

Do you find yourself speaking in acronyms?

See results

When someone interrupts your internet activity do you find that you are irritable?

See results

Do you have more friends online than offline?

See results

When someone calls you, do they hear the continuous typing?

See results

Do you have Carpel Tunnel?

See results

Do You Belong to a Blogging Club or Group Site?

See results

© 2011 Sandy Mertens

Are You Addicted to Blogging?

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    • profile image

      marsha32 6 years ago

      I think I may have just did the polls.

      I'm still uber confused on RSS feeds!

    • profile image

      Ruthi 6 years ago

      I'm enJOYing your internet addiction lenses! It's good to know there are many others like me out there. Plus, I'm getting net tips from you, too!