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Compact Cameras with Time Lapse Function

Updated on August 1, 2014

Capture time lapse photos easily with these cameras

Are you looking for cameras with time lapse function? A camera with a built-in interval timer makes it much easier to capture time lapse photos because it will continuously shoot at set intervals without any effort on your part. This is great for capturing the changing colors of sunrise or sunset, watching flowers opening up in the sun, or recording any other progressive event. Fortunately, several manufacturers now offer compact cameras with time lapse function so you can just set the camera and let it do the work. Here's a sample of some of the models currently available.

(Image: Pentax Optio WG-3 GPS available on Amazon. See link below)

Panasonic Lumix DMC-TS4 - A rugged compact camera with time lapse feature

The Panasonic Lumix DMC-TS4 is a great all-around compact camera that is loaded with features, including time lapse mode. Just select the start time, interval time and the numbers of picture to shoot and let the camera do the rest. And if you leave it outside to capture your time lapse images, there's no need to worry about rain. The Lumix TS4 is also with four-way rugged protection against water, dust, cold temperatures and accidental falls - it's waterproof to 40 feet, shockproof to falls from 6.6 feet, freezeproof to 14 degrees Fahrenheit and dustproof - so you can take it just about anywhere. With a built-in GPS, compass, altimeter and barometer, you'll always know exactly where you're at. This is an extremely versatile camera that you can take with you just about anywhere without worrying about the elements.

Panasonic Lumix TS4 12.1 TOUGH Waterproof Digital  Camera with 4.6x Optical Zoom (Blue)
Panasonic Lumix TS4 12.1 TOUGH Waterproof Digital Camera with 4.6x Optical Zoom (Blue)

Product features:

- 12.1 MP sensor

- Waterproof, dustproof, shockproof and freezeproof

- Full 1920x1080p HD video

- 2.7" LCD

- Leica lens


Nikon Coolpix P7000 - A point-and-shoot camera with built-in time lapse function

Set the interval timer and get ready to capture great photos with the Nikon Coolpix P7000. The 10.1 MP sensor, 7.1x Wide Zoom-Nikkor ED Lens and 3-Inch LCD will help you frame and take perfect shots every time. And when you're ready to get out of time-lapse mode and catch the action, the ultra-fast start-up time, subject tracking and continuous shooting at 1.3 fps will help ensure you never miss that once-in-a-lifetime shot. The P7000 also includes features such as red-eye correction, smile timer, Face Priority AF, Skin Softening, and 18 scene modes for optimized settings in a variety of situations.

Nikon Coolpix P7000 10.1 MP Digital Camera with 7.1x Wide Zoom-Nikkor ED Lens and 3-Inch LCD
Nikon Coolpix P7000 10.1 MP Digital Camera with 7.1x Wide Zoom-Nikkor ED Lens and 3-Inch LCD

Product features:

- 10.1-megapixel resolution, large 1/1.7-inch CCD sensor

- 7.1x Wide-Angle Nikkor ED Optical Zoom Glass Lens; 3-inch Ultra-High Resolution (921,000-dot) Clear Color Display

- HD (720p) movie with stereo, mic input jack and HDMI output

- Dial controls for key functions including ISO, white balance, bracketing, exposure compensation and more

- Capture images and video to SD/SDHC memory cards (not included), battery charger is included.


GoPro Hero3 - Time-lapse photography for adventurers

The GoPro series of cameras are made with adventure in mind. They come with various mounts, straps or harnesses to attach this tiny, but powerful camera to your helmet, bike handlebars, skateboard, surfboard, or just about any other type of sports equipment or vehicle. The GoPro Hero3 is waterproof to 197' (60 meters) and has a170-degree wide-angle lens to capture all the action with still images, HD video or time-lapse photos up to every 0.5 seconds.

GoPro HERO3: Silver Edition
GoPro HERO3: Silver Edition

Product features:

- 10 Photos Per Second Burst

- VIDEO: HD Resolutions: 1080P 30 FPS, 960P 30 and 48 FPS, 720P 30 and 60 FPS


- Wi-Fi BacPacTM + Wi-Fi RemoteTM Compatible: Long range remote control of multiple cameras, Wi-Fi Video Preview + Playback on Smartphone / and Medium 127o FOV VIDEO


Pentax Optio WG-3 GPS - A tough camera with time lapse and many other features

Time lapse photography isn't the only special feature you'll find in the Optio WG-3 or WG-3 GPS. This camera is waterproof to 45 feet, shockproof to falls from 6.5 feet, crush-proof to 100kg of force, freezeproof to 14 degrees Fahrenheit, and dustproof. But that's only the beginning. This 16 MP camera also has a variety of fun features, including digital filters such as starburst, fisheye effect, black & white, sepia, color emphasis and miniature effect. It also offers in-camera cropping, voice memo, multiple scene modes, and, of course, interval shooting. The GPS version also includes geotagging.

Pentax Optio WG-3 orange 16 MP Waterproof Digital Camera with 3-Inch LCD Screen (Orange)
Pentax Optio WG-3 orange 16 MP Waterproof Digital Camera with 3-Inch LCD Screen (Orange)

Product features:

- Pentax's 13th generation rugged, adventure proof camera with backlit 16MP CMOS sensor for superior quality and high res imaging

- Waterproof to a depth of 40 feet, shock proof to 5 feet, cold proof to 14 degrees F, dustproof

- Wide angle internal optical zoom (28-140mm equivalent)

- Large 3" LCD w/HVGA resolution

- Full HD 1080p video at 30FPS with high quality h.264 compression


Cameras with time lapse function can take amazing photos.

Nikon Coolpix S30 - A family-friendly and budget-friendly model with simple time lapse mode

The Nikon Coolpix is being marketed as a camera that's easy enough for everyone to use, but it comes with plenty of features at a family-friendly price. It's the cheapest camera on this page with time lapse mode. The 10.1 MP Coolpix S30 digital camera has 3x Zoom Nikkor Glass lens and 2.7-inch LCD. It's waterproof and shockproof, making it great for kids, and time lapse is one of several available shooting modes on this camera. You're limited to intervals of every 30 seconds, every minute or every 5 minutes, but for a simple point-and-shoot camera at an entry-level price, the time lapse function on this camera is a bargain.

Nikon 26317 Coolpix S30 Wht 10.1mp Tru
Nikon 26317 Coolpix S30 Wht 10.1mp Tru

Product features:

- 10.1 Megapixel CCD sensor

- 3x Zoom-NIKKOR glass lens

- 2.7-inch Bright LCD Monitor

- HD (720p) Movies


Brinno TLC200 Time Lapse and Stop Motion HD Video Camera - Made specifically for capturing time lapse photos

If you're planning to do a lot of time lapse photography, the Brinno TLC200 was designed for you. It's easy to operate and can be mounted on a tripod or used on any flat surface. Simply turn it on, set your preferred interval (from 1 second to 24 hours), focus, and let the camera do the rest. The TLC200 can output AVI or JPEG formats and runs on 4 AA batteries.

Brinno TLC200 Time Lapse and Stop Motion HD Video Camera - Blue
Brinno TLC200 Time Lapse and Stop Motion HD Video Camera - Blue

Product features:

- Designed to make HD time lapse photography simple, yet has the flexibility to change lenses and custom program time intervals for the serious time lapse movie maker (wide angle lens sold separately)

- Advanced power management provides months of battery life for extended duration capture periods

- 1.44 inch LCD preview screen allows for accurate targeting of subjects and precise framing of scenes

- To use, simply turn it on, set a time interval, aim the camera and wait for video to finish

- Optional external shutter release is available for creating stop action movies (model ATS100 Shutter Line sold separately).


Amazing Time Lapse Video of Yosemite - by Shawn Reeder

Here's an amazing example of what you can do with time lapse photos. This video was created by Shawn Reeder and includes approximately 7000 individual images.

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    • profile image


      5 years ago

      Those time lapse videos are fascinating. I would love to do something like that, but it#s not possible with the GOPRO I own. I have tested the time lapse function and found that the battery is used up in time lapse function at the same rate as in continuous filmimg. So the battery lasts about 3 hours, which is not too bad, but not enough to go full 24 hours for example.

    • Thomo85 profile image


      6 years ago

      I love that little Pentax camera, might have to invest in one of those soon. That video of yosemite is amazing what a wonderful find. I love my entry level DSLR Nikon D5100 but it is bulky and takes a bit to fire up and prepare, I needed to find something that was quick and easy and adapts to the shot on its own. I think I have found what I was after. Thanks

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      Now I only have 20 squidlikes I have to be more selective so you've got one, at least lol Cool camera lens, particularly like the Panasonic.

    • skhdesigns lm profile image

      skhdesigns lm 

      6 years ago

      Cool to learn about! I didn't know my Pentax had Time Lapse!

    • piedromolinero profile image


      6 years ago

      The time lapse video is awesome. I think my next camera will have a time lapse function,it would be perfect for the nice sunsets in Cyprus.

    • MarcStorm LM profile image

      MarcStorm LM 

      6 years ago

      I really need to get a specialty time lapse camera, that would be awesome. Also, just to let you know, I linked this article to my time lapse article, using a featured module lens. It's right before the comments section. Great article!

    • dancerene profile image


      6 years ago

      Super amazing video. Thanks for sharing!

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      Seen a lot of this effect in movies. Turn 24 hour recording into 2 mins

    • belinda342 profile image


      7 years ago

      Your video choice of time lapse photos was a great one. I had no idea that using this feature could produce such a stunning video. The movement of the stars was amazing. Thank you!

    • Gerald McConway profile image

      Gerald McConway 

      7 years ago

      Very cool feature to have on a camera. I might get one of these to film some of my bike rides.


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