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Most Popular DSLRs

Updated on June 13, 2013

What are the Bestselling and Most Popular DSLRs on the Market Today?

What are the most popular DSLRs today? As new camera models come out, the list of bestselling digital SLRs changes, too. This page updates the most popular DSLR cameras every day, so you can see what others are buying right now. If you already own a digital SLR camera, this list can help you decide on a new model based on customer reviews and ratings. If you're buying your first digital SLR, this list can show you what cameras are most popular. There's also a list of reasons to choose a popular DSLR over a point-and-shoot camera. Take a look now at the most popular digital SLRs.

(Image of Canon T3i digital SLR from Amazon)

5 Reasons to Choose One of the Most Popular DSLRs

Better speed, image quality and versatility

1. Fast power-up and shutter response

When you turn on a DSLR, it's ready almost instantly, and when you press the shutter button, it responds with virtually no shutter lag. In other words, there's no lapse between the time you press the button and the time the camera takes the picture, so you can capture those once-in-a-lifetime shots that you might miss with a compact camera. The zoom feature on a DSLR is also faster than that on a point-and-shoot. The speed is why a DSLR is the best camera for pictures of kids.

2. Multiple frames per second

A compact camera makes you wait while it processes each shot, meaning that you can't take images quickly one after another. With many of today's DSLRs, you can shoot 3-5 frames per second.

3. Better image quality

The advanced metering and larger sensors on a digital SLR help to produce better pictures, particularly in low-light situations.

4. More versatility with lenses

The most popular DSLRs offer a wide range of zoom lenses, so you can get just the right focal length for each photo. So you can use macro lenses to get extreme close ups, ultra-wide angle lenses to capture the ultimate landscape shots or super telephoto lenses to capture action in the distance.

5. Less battery power required

The most popular DSLRs only use enough energy to power the components needed for the shot, while most compact cameras power all features all the time, meaning your batteries wear out sooner.

The most popular DSLRs are usually made by Canon or Nikon.

More Popular DSLRs on eBay - Find great deals on new or used models

What was the most popular DSLR camera last year can be a great bargain on eBay this year. If you don't need to own the latest and greatest model on the market, you may want to check eBay for some great deals.

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    • SheGetsCreative profile image

      Angela F 5 years ago from Seattle, WA

      Someday I'll move up to a DSLR but for now my budget is point-n-shoot.