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Cheap computer repair prices

Updated on February 18, 2014

Computer repair prices in a computer repair shop may vary from 30 to 200 bucks. How to choose the low cost repair and still have quality service? Well, this can be done browsing the internet and reading some web comments on a particular service and cost.

I have already written how to choose a decent computer repair shop. Considering the computer repair price, it depends upon the location of the company, their experience, the equipment they have, the price structure (hourly rate or fixed rate per one repair) and the level of your PC breakdown.
In addition, most of the repairs can be done in 3 ways: online (without any commuting), in store and in office or home. The first is the cheapest; the third is the most expensive. If you want the lowest possible price for their job, look for and compare the prices in other computer repair companies. This way you will be able to select the preferable price and even make some bargain.
Here is the list of the most possible computer repair services and the average prices of two companies I found on the web.

Geek Squad computer repair company

The company is based in the UK, United States, Canada, Puerto Rico and even China. Here is their price list that I have been able to find:

The removal of virus and spyware (detection and repair):
Online support – 149$
In store support – 200$
In home/office support – 300$

Antivirus and antispyware install with updates + system performance optimization:
In store support is only 70$.

Computer optimization, PC speed improvement, windows updating and system tune up:
In store – 40$
Online – 50$

Operational system (Win OS, MAC) installation with mouse, keyboard, monitor, speakers’ physical setup and additional installation of one peripheral device. The service includes internet connection and 1 email account + one software application setup and installation.
In home/office support – 150$

Local or network printer installation and configuration
In home/office – 50$

Data backup installation and configuration for one device; transfer of all data to another computer or device.
In store service – 100$

One hard drive data recovery starts from 250 $, the price depends upon the level of restoration difficulty.

One software application installation and configuration, including updates.
Online support – 49$
In store support – 29$
In home/office support – 129$

One hardware component install – internal graphics card, hard drive, optical drive, RAM memory. External components (printer, scanner, MP3 player) installation as well as the necessary drivers installation and configuration needed for proper hardware functioning.
In store – 49$
In home/office – 149$

P.S. At this point I cannot help, but remind you of one driver update software that I have been using recently. It's called "Driver Max" and the things it does simply amazes me. There is a driver update and backup freeware version with a possibility to update 2 drivers per day. The number of updates for a charged version is, of course, unlimited.

Computer hardware repair. Not sure about this one because they claim that the price starts from 29 $ for let’s say broken CPU or LCD monitor. As I myself have some troubles with motherboard and hard drive malfunctioning, it seems that the price is just for parts replace.

The Geek squad computer repair company is considered to be the higher paid shop, so the computer repair prices listed are above average.

Lets look at some more, preferably lower rates.

Computer repair city

The company is based in Greater Chicago land Area. The service list is not that long, comparing to the Geek Squad, but they claim to charge only half the price of “The Geeks”. Let’s see:

Operational System restore, data back up and free antivirus installation
In home/office – 140$

Computer data recovery from damaged hard drives (non physically)
In home/office – 50$

All other PC services are charged 50$ per hour for in home/office or even in store.

I find their service to be cheaper than the prices of the Geek Squad, except for the operational system restore which almost matches the “Geeks’” OS installation and setup for 150$. It’s hard to assess, when the PC repair charge is calculated by the time it consumes. One drawback of hourly rate is the complication assumption – if the OS system is hardly infected by root kits or some spyware, sometimes it would take half a day to clean up your system, and that’s already more than 250$. In this kind of trouble the Geek’s fixed price would be better and cheaper than hourly rate.

To sum up, I would suggest to look for computer repair company that charges around 30$ for in store service per hour, and 50$ for on site repair. If you are clever enough to presume the complexity of a problem, you might try the fixed rate service (Geeks). Just be sure to clarify all the pricing conditions to get the best computer repair prices.


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    • ECPComputers profile image

      ECPComputers 6 years ago from Beaumont, Tx

      The "Geek" Squad generally is the most expensive computer repair I have found. Many local companies are usually cheaper as well as more qualified to do the actual work. ECP Computers in Beaumont specializes in Computer repair for the last 20 years - and we are cheaper, faster, with less complaints than those blue shirt "geeks".

      ECP Computer Repairs in Beaumont, Texas.


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