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Dell pc gx620

Updated on December 15, 2012

It has been already 5 years since Dell PC GX620 Optiplex model has been launched into the computer market, but it still is one of the best performance and price combinations for thrifty and demanding clients. The model has been mainly used in companies’ business field for its strict chassis design as well as reasonable performance, fitting most of small and medium companies' needs.
Dell PC GX620 has been produced in 4 product lines – Desktop (DT), Mini-tower (MT) , Small – form – factor (SF) and Ultra – small – form – factor (USFF)with design ranging from large Optiplex desktop tower to thin and mountable ultra-small-form-factor computer, which can be attached on a monitor stand, thus saving some precious space on a table.

Features - Design

 All 4 models use latest BTX format design and all have the same Dell like color – dark metallic grey is dominating here. The last three chassis models can be placed vertically, thus saving more space on the table, though they lack some rubber padding for this kind of orientation. That’s why you might feel some slight vibrating noise on a smooth surface.
The outside connectors in the front panels are two audio (microphone and headphone) and 2 USB 2.0 port. The back of the desktops has 6 more USB ports.
Those wanting to perform their own in house maintenance will be surprised at the ease of chassis opening, which is quite pleasing, having in mind the complexity of previous model unsealing. There is a new chassis feature - diagnostic LED lights on the front panel, indicating which of the inner hardware components might be broken or malfunctioning.

Internal parts

Chipset and motherboard
The internal parts have to be mentioned in more detail. First of all motherboard with a Intel 945 Express chipset offers more longevity with its performance and progressive features designed for more demanding and long lasting deployment.

The processor models range from dual core Pentium 4 520 (2.8 GHz) to Pentium 4 670 (3.8 GHz) – it’s up to you to decide which one fits your needs best – and the prices varies accordingly. You can choose the CPU with a 64 bit technology – this keeps you on track with the newest operational system releases like Windows 7 or other software. The smallest model – USFF cannot offer the highest level processor, due to low space and heat emission which would occur in case of a powerful processor.

RAM (Random access memory)
There are two DIMM sockets, capable to process up to 2 GB 533 MHz (PC 4300) DDR2 SDRAM in the smallest GX620 computer. The rest three have already four sockets, with a maximum of 4 GB of RAM memory.

Graphics/video card
The integrated Intel GMA 950 video card with a shared memory is found in all four models. It might not satisfy the needs of a dedicated gamer, but would do for an office work with fast presentation and documents editing. Those who want more speed and possibly 3D option can use the 128 MB ATi Radeon X600 SE or even non SE (double speed), which can be installed in PCI Express slot of the first 3 Dell PC GX620 models. However, the last Ultra – small – form – factor (USFF) model lacks PCI Express expansion.

Network card
Obviously, this kind of machine has some network access card which is integrated Gigabit Ethernet (included remote wake up option with PXE – preboot execution environment).

Hard drive storage choice varies from 80 to 250 GB, so it’s no problem for large data collectors.

GX620 support and warranty

All 4 models have 3 year warranty (next business day on site), with a lifetime telephone help line. You may upgrade to Business standard plan with a priority service and Business Essential Plan which enables you to have the same day warranty repair service, though both of these plans cost additional money.

To sum up Dell PC GX620 is a good, reliable, reasonably priced and long-lasting PC, which is primarily to be used in a small or medium company business.


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