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Church management software and why your Church needs it

Updated on September 28, 2010


Although most function as Non-Profits it is still imperative to have a good management software to help with the financial well being and future of any Church. With the economy trying to recover from the worst economic down turn since the Great Depression it is more important than ever that all money is accounted for and used wisely.

Church Financial software, Church Management software, Church Accounting software or Non Profit Accounting software, no matter how you label it, is essential. Some benefits of having this software is the ability to keep track of membership, mailing lists, fund raising, and charitable contributions. Shopping around to find the software that best fits the needs of any particular Church is always a good idea.

By comparing different types and brands many things will need to be taken into consideration. Price is always a concern and don't be fooled into thinking that higher priced products are always the best. Let's take a look at why a Church needs to have this software.

Why Church needs management software?

The need for software to help manage a Church's business is becoming essential as Church size increases to sometimes as large as 10,000 in attendance. The ability to organize membership, track expenses, and create mailing lists for a large Church could be very time consuming to do the old fashion way. Security of Church records is also a major concern.

With unlimited storage space, retrieval services, and technical support this software would easily become an indispensable part of any Church's management arsenal. When having to be ready to account for what is being done with Church funds the ease of making reports with this software saves time and cuts down on the need for searching fruitlessly for hours through receipts or file cabinets.

Tax time is stressful under the best of circumstances and a good Church accounting software could be invaluable tool when preparing a Church's return. Deciding the type of software that fits any Church is best done by making a list of features that are important to the Church if there are any specific requirements that need to be met and then doing some research and comparison.

Software Requirements

Now let's take a look at just a few of the options out there for Management/Accounting software that any Church regardless of size will benefit from. Keeping in mind that each may have that one certain feature that will allow the best results with the least amount of complications.

Ease of use is another very important criteria for most Churches. Understanding that not everyone is proficient in complicated computer lingo and instructions that sometimes cause people to shy away from a product. Software can be purchased in every stage from beginner to expert.

Even computer novices can find a software that will work and reduce the time it takes to do the books at a Church dramatically. Freeing up time to do other things and making the business end of the Church run smoothly, efficiently, and effectively. As a kick start to finding the right software here is a few that have been found online and what they have to offer.

ChurchPro Screenshot
ChurchPro Screenshot


"ChurchPro" is a total Church management software that includes accounting software. Church Pro has been around for over 13 years and is well established. Some of the top features in the software are contributions software, ministry management and accounting in one package.

The system is easy to learn and offers a variety of tech support solutions while learning including phone support as well printed manuals. When you sign up for ChurchPro you also get the following benefits as a bonus; 30 Day money back guarantee, the ability to make full color church directories, 90 Days of unlimited tech support for FREE and unlimited records for data storage.

Church management all in a nice package makes this a good choice for Churches of all sizes.


Viansoft Screenshot
Viansoft Screenshot


"Viansoft" is another software that has shown the ability to stand the test of time and has been marketed since 1985. Easy to use this software would be great for any Church that wants to track membership, contributions, and do simple accounting.

Some key features to help provide a good assessment of this product are a 90 Day free trial, step by step tutorial and an easy to understand reference guide. Included in the trial there is also a free trial version of Viansoft's Church Contribution System and Church Treasurer software. Viansoft is compatible with Windows 7, XP, 2000, ME, 98, Vista and Windows NT. Churches can't go wrong with this product.


Churchsoft Screenshot
Churchsoft Screenshot


"Churchsoft" can manage a variety of functions such as membership, ministry, outreach programs, contributions, payroll, budgets and many others. Vowing to provide total Church Management software at affordable prices Churchsoft is efficient, powerful and proven easy to use.

Some reasons why you should use this software: this software make better record keeping, save time and increase productivity, simple user interface, easy church budgeting, easy to manage church membership.


Last words

Remember, research research research before you buy. Good luck!


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