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Generating Discussion and Publicity about Your Pages

Updated on March 9, 2018
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Liku "Luke" Zelleke is a writer, editor, and Digital Marketing Manager at Website Content Writers. He has a deep passion for writing.

Social marketing and SEO
Social marketing and SEO

In this crazy world of websites flying up everywhere, there is a thing that keeps the web pages up and popular – traffic. The number one concern of every website administrator is how to drive that massive traffic that will allow him or her to live on passive incomes, like Google AdSense, alone. And most of them arrive at only one conclusion: promotion.

Let Them Know

Getting people to know about a web site is crucial. Below are a few ways to generate traffic:

Social Media 1

Today it is almost impossible to find a person without a Facebook profile. These profiles are joined to thousands of other people’s profiles; what is posted on one Facebook profile can be reposted again and again - if the content is really unique and interesting. Making use of social media sites is today one of the most popular, relatively easy and almost always free way of getting the world to know about a web page.

Blogs, Articles etc.

While it may need a little know how in search engine optimization (SEO), writing posts and articles on sites that allow it can be used as to draw attention and then traffic to a web page. There are sites like that allow free content posting, as long as their rules are abided by. These articles with the correct SEO can be used to lure readers and then drive them to the web site. Additionally, any web site that is worth its salt cannot do without a blog. A blog, over time, serves as a gold mine for keywords that will help in ranking the web site.

Forums, Discussion Boards etc.

As long as there will be people, there will always be opinions. On the internet the place to vent opinions is usually a notice board or a forum. A wise web master would do well to take advantage of these pages. The first step would be to find the perfect forum: one with lots of traffic and a specialized topic that has a topic in common with the web site. With clever writing, web pages can be suggested as solutions to problems or places where further information can be obtained.

Real Life Ambassadors

When it comes to marketing, nothing can beat the personal touch. Even the smallest web site with a single administrator should strive to get the word out using everything at hand. A t-shirt with the web site’s log and URL can draw curious attention. Having the logo and URL spread out in cafés and tea- and coffee-shops can draw an amazing amount of idle surfers, especially if it is an internet café too. A business card should always be at hand with logo and URL on it. To get that personal touch in, a wise advertiser would make sure to create that perfect conversation for advertisement by using anything with the web sites URL on it as a prop and conversation starter.

On a final note, it should be known that while attracting publicity is considered to be a plus in advertizing generating negative publicity can sometimes help – but it comes with a big warning . This could backfire with a big bite2.

1 – SEO MOZ:

2 – New York Times:


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    • Luke Zelleke profile imageAUTHOR

      Luke Zelleke 

      7 years ago


      you are right. But once again, please remember that SEO is not an exact science. You may use Whitehat techniques to drive traffic. Of course your technique will depend on what kind of business you run. For example, Walmart will just want to drive traffic to its site and then sell them goods where as a blogger will just want to get traffic and entertain them with concise and precise information.

      Thank you for your comment.

      Warmest regards,


    • simeonvisser profile image


      7 years ago

      I think the best way to generate traffic is to make sure your content and your interest in the people that read it are genuine. There are a lot of shady ways to get backlinks but so far I've stayed away from them. It's much better to discover what you want to write about and then genuinely inform your readers.


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