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Adventure Camera Chestpack Camera Bag

Updated on March 14, 2016

Clik Elite Chestpack in action


Why you need a Camera Chestpack

There are camera bags and there are camera bags. I used to say that all I need is a one camera bag for all my photography needs. I purchased a Crumpler 4 Million Dollar Home and believed with strong conviction that it was the only camera bag I will ever need in my photography career. Little did I know the the shame it will bring me.

The first instance was bringing the sling bag with me on a short biking trip to a nearby nature park. The Crumpler bag chaffed my shoulder and got in the way of my knees. It was also hard to take the camera of the bag to take "one-in-a-lifetime-shots". Worst, a dog chased me and I ended up overturned in a shrub. The dog forgot to bite me as it was busy laughing its ass off.

The next was bringing the same bag on a 60 mile trek. Well I should have brought a different bag but like I said I believed it was the only camera bag I'll ever need. It was easy going the first mile or so. But it was like a metal pendulum swinging by my side. Yes this time it was easy to get the camera but it didn't give me the comfort and mobility I needed. I ended up stuffing the Crumpler into my backpack with the camera inside.

I needed a new Camera Bag to fit my outdoor activities.

But current camera bags even those advertised for adventure and outdoors did not suit me. Everything was just not fit for outdoors. There were backpacks, sure, but although they protected the camera from the elements, you'd have a hard time getting the camera ready for shooting when on the move.

What I needed was a camera bag that

  1. Makes my Pentax K-x easy to reach
  2. Doesn't get in the way when I run or bike or hike.
  3. Fits my body like a glove
  4. Easy to take off
  5. Looks super cool
  6. Unique
  7. Provides protection from (water, sand...)

Anyway... all these I found in the Clik Elite ChestPack for DSLRs. So if you're that outdoor type of guy who loves to lug dslr camera's around... this bag is for you. It's always out of stock so when it does become available, DON'T THINK JUST GRAB ONE.

Get your own now before stocks run out.
Get your own now before stocks run out. | Source


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