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easy way to android application development

Updated on April 21, 2012

Android platform is gaining more popularity as a mobile platform. Also it is extending from the level of a mobile operating system to tablets and even other home devices. It has already overtaken apple i OS. Number of applications available in android market is increasing at a very rapid pace. Thus android has proven as the technology of future. It is always good to know to develop at least some small applications in android platform as it is the technology of near future where laptops and desktops will be repalced by mobiles and tablets.

For starting android application development, the best place is google online android developer platform. But if you want to develop some serious applicaitons, the best way is to go for android API available for eclipse, which is a software helping in Java coding.

Android application development is very easy using the android developer platform. In this android developer platform, you will not require knowledge in any coding languages like java. The only thing you need to have is a good idea for a good android application and its logic. Then you can build it using drag and drop operations of buttons. Applicaitons of any complexity can be developed using this drag and drop facility. You can also check the applications developed in this manner using virtual android phone emulators. Even if you are finding it difficult to understand the usage of the tool, there is a large volume of tutorials and solved trial excercises to help you, which will surely make you good in android application

Steps to setup and android development platform

1. For setting up android developing platform using this online android paltform, you need to update your java version to latest version. You can do it by simply updating your installed java version or you can download one from if you do not have java platform installed in your system.

2. Then you need to install android software developer kit or android SDK. You can download it easily form android developer site. After finishing installation you will be ready for android application development. If you want more components in your android development platform, you can update the android SDK with additional tools available as shon in android SDK.

Another way to develop android applications is by using Eclipse pluggin. This is the way that is used in professional android application development. It has the advantages of this. Here you are writing the application code line by line. But here it is more flexible, if you are familiar with java coding as you are not locked by the limited blocks available in online android application development.

As android is growing at a pace such that we cannot close our eyes to it, it is always better to know how to develop a small application in android platform


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    • vinner profile image

      vinner 6 years ago from India

      Sorry jponiato, that was a bit exaggeration. Fow watching HD movies and all we cannot get the full experience in small screen. But surely the penetration of mobiles and tablets will be more in future years

    • jponiato profile image

      jponiato 6 years ago from Mid-Michigan

      Great information in this Hub. I do hope you are exagerating about mobiles and tablets replacing desktops and laptops. I'm a computing professional and hate working on small devices. Give me a big screen and full-size keyboard any day.