Space missions---spin-off technologies--advantages.

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    pramodgokhaleposted 5 years ago

    Indian Space agency completed 100th launch yesterday ,NASA's Mars probe,Curiosity success.
    The strong critique and their jargon,Big boys (Scientists) and Toys,duel use of technologies civil and military, Huge expenditure to be utilized for human welfare.
    I defend space agencies, because they developed technologies for civilian purpose. Internet expansion was made possible only by  satellites launches.Crowd of satellites in the space which is backbone of global communication.
    Some medicines and Robot type equipments were made during space research,processes were sold to industry.Cyclone warning, Monsoon prediction are  important for India,satellites informs us. Indian stock exchanges operates through satellites and from any remote place one can do transactions.
    Indian doctors demonstrate live operations, advice to doctors of other countries.
    Governments of space faring nations invest in missions, to gain knowledge and technologies,of course with success and failures too.
    I defend space missions for the welfare of mankind.