xlsx viewer tool

  1. bradhunsen profile image58
    bradhunsenposted 4 years ago

    My excel files stopped properly view. I can't find link, formulas. Where can I get alternative solution to view xlsx files?

  2. profile image52
    billgrinex48posted 4 years ago

    Apply Microsoft Excel autorecovery option, it restored the last automatically made autosave copy.

    Make use of XLSX Viewer Tool if autorecovery didn't help
    - Specialized viewer and recovery tool for damaged Microsoft Excel spreadsheet files damaged in all kinds of data corruption incidents
    - Proprietary file analysis engine delivering top-notch speed and accuracy
    - Excellent recovery of all Excel file objects
    - Built-in browser for convenient navigation in the contents of a damaged file

    Source: http://www.xlsx.viewertool.com/