2020 Summer Olympics: Even more smart toilets in Tokyo, Japan

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    Shogunposted 8 weeks ago

    The appeal of being a host city of the Olympics has steadily declined as of late. It's just too burdensome – and crazy expensive – to build an Olympic Village that seemingly is abandoned shortly after the games are done. However, Japan is fully embracing their chance to host the 2020 Summer Olympics, and will use the event as a technology showcase.

    In the forums, who really needs to hear about the normal tech that will be shown off. Let's focus on something that seemingly intrigues many visitors: the toilets. As millions of foreign guests flock to Tokyo, the country is scrambling to modernize toilets. Around 40 percent of toilets located in more than 4,000 tourist locations have traditional “squat” toilets – and it's not something many tourists enjoy. But no more... the Japan Tourism Agency is on the case!


    Toto plans to release a new toilet system on Thursday, February 1, and the remote controlled- unit features “standardized” icons on the remote control. Hopefully, this makes it more appealing to foreign visitors, able to quickly and accurately use the toilet's enhanced functions.

    Here is what Hirofumi Matsutake, a spokesperson at Toto, said in a statement when speaking with The Japan Times: “Toilets in other countries aren't commonly equipped with functions... together with other (toilet) producers, we've standardized the remote control icons.”

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