High definition TV or High definiton Projectors for watching films

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  1. profile image49
    M. HD projectorposted 9 years ago

    High definition TV or High definiton Projectors for watching films

    Is there any advantages in Buying a high definition projector over a high definition  tv when watching movies in Homes

  2. The Phil profile image56
    The Philposted 9 years ago

    I would say that as far as the image quality, the standards are identical. HD is HD. The benefit of the projector is that you can have significantly larger viewing sizes than a TV set. But the downside to that is that when the lamp life increases, the quality of the picture degrades. This half-life is a lot greater than the TV's.

  3. pschmitt profile image81
    pschmittposted 9 years ago

    Be careful on the native resolution of the projector.  Many LCD based projectors are 4x3 not 16x19 and get the wide screen format by using less of the LCD display.  DLP projectors do have native 16x19 format.  Make sure they support the full 1080p resolution which I believe is 1920x1080.    You also want to get the most Lumens you can.  An LCD will typically get higher lumens.  In either case, none will be as bright as a TV.  Refresh rate should also be considered.  Many projectors are designed for computers so 60 Hz is typical where you can get 120 Hz on newer LCD tv's.  The projectors you see in the $1000.00 range will probably not compare very well to the performance of a flat panel, you probably need to step up the a $2000 dlp projector.

    As for comparing to a LCD or Plasma display, if you have a room with sunlight your projector will not match the brightness and contrast of a TV.  They key benefit of the projector is screen size for the $. 

    Unless you will have a dedicated room with low light for your projection tv (like a screening room) I lean towards a flat panel lcd tv.

  4. apollog profile image58
    apollogposted 9 years ago

    After 15 years of working with home theater technology, I would say that it depends upon whether you enjoy and are able to watch movies in total darkness.  I have seen projectors outperform the best flat screens in dark rooms.  But since most living rooms have windows or doorways, it makes watching football on Sunday afternoon quite frustrating.  The most consistent quality, regardless of ambient light, is a flatscreen.  The purest would recommend a room with no windows or doors and a projector.

  5. sggdwi profile image52
    sggdwiposted 9 years ago

    Is ideal when you select the TV only.
    For the projector is not very efficient to watch old pro - a long time, and the image is also better on TV than Proyektor.Kit also will not be bothered with installation, and need a little room.

  6. 9to5 profile image48
    9to5posted 8 years ago

    Honestly, you'd be better off going with a TV, unless you have a very large space where you can house not only the projector but also the drop-down "white-board" that you'll be projecting on to. If you do have a large, flat wall and can get your room fairly dark, a projector could be good, but for 99% of people they just aren't practical. Of course, the quality is just the same - as someone else said, HD is HD. You may find more projectors that support 1080p than TV's, which could be a bonus.


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