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Is the TV show "The L Word" a good entertaining show? Why?

  1. Astra Nomik profile image42
    Astra Nomikposted 7 years ago

    Whether you are straight or gay, I am curious to know how many people watch it on TV, and do you find it good? Realistic? Poor or unrealistic? Over-done? Under-done? Non-representational? Or do you watch it just for the intimate scenes? Please keep it PG13 answer-wise, if possible please.

    1. Crazywriterchik profile image61
      Crazywriterchikposted 7 years agoin reply to this

      Personally I Love The L Word and was saddened that it was canceled. I know many women who were also upset over it.

      I think they should make a movie just to say who killed Jenny. The writers left it open and even though it's been some time since it was taken off air that particular question still plagues my mind. Everyone had motive and gosh darn it  I want to know who did it!

      I found it to be quite entertaining and only slightly unrealistic. Although I'm from San Diego and not Los Angeles, and from what I'm to understand LA lesbians are pretty much the way that they are portrayed on the show. But I could be entirely wrong.

      The intimate scenes were, besides sexy as all get out, nothing more than icing on the cake. I think it just made the show that much better and  that much more entertaining. Plus it made more people want to watch it and continue watching it.

      One last thought and I will go because I can ramble on about each character and plot line for each season (my friends and I have watched the entire series more than twice). So as far as lesbian tv show go -not that there are many- this is definitly my favorite.

      1. Astra Nomik profile image42
        Astra Nomikposted 7 years agoin reply to this

        I was saddened to see it being cancelled too. Why did they leave it open if they are not returning to the story. I hope they do a TV film or something, have them all on a plane and they crash on an island or something. Omg, I can imagine the storyline.

        I liked the show for everything, and the latter new characters, the girl who quit the army over being harassed for being a lesbian really resonated with me. It is apt when people consider what is happening in the armed forces in the USA now and this "Don't ask, don't tell". What total rubbish.

        It is my favorite too. he idea of lesbian characters in TV drama is slow to catch on here in UK, but some soaps now have it as a theme. Its a bit more worthwhile watching. I feel that if certain characters are excluded from TV shows, it becomes one less reason to bother watching. Great to get your comments.

    2. mhodges23 profile image56
      mhodges23posted 7 years agoin reply to this

      I had never watched it until after it was already off the air.  My girlfriend had the entire series, and had talked about a few of the characters occasionally.  So one day I decided to watch the first episode and see what the big deal was.  I was hooked immediately.  I ended up watching the entire series over the next two weeks lol.  As I was in my first lesbian relationship, I found that I related a lot with Jenny, and as funny and probably pathetic as it sounds, I found it to be quite educational. 

      The dynamic of their friendships is one of the things I loved the most.  I also like the way that they portrayed most of the  love scenes with so much intensity and passion.  Because to me it showed the deeper connection, beyond the physical.  That deep, earth shattering, life changing connection ...something I think comes much more intensly when two woman come together.   

      I am sure that many will agree when I say I was very dissapointed that it ended and how they left it.  I think they owe it to fans to do a little better than that, showtime could a least do a special or some kind of update as to what happened to everyone.

  2. blaise25 profile image79
    blaise25posted 7 years ago

    I watched the first season two years ago. I never knew about it honestly..when I saw the DVD cover I grabbed it, bought it right away LOL Jenny's life got me more interested. The gay couple there (Bette and Tina if my memory is right) kinda shocked me. Oohkay, I had a crush on Marina. The show is good, unique and quite interesting. Loved the intro in every part.. The intros actually are my fave parts. Overall, I enjoyed watching season 1. I never find it unrealistic at all (I dunno bout the next seasons) but some intimate scenes shocked me though. I'm planning to buy the season 2 but Marina is not there LMAO

    How come we didn't talk bout this interesting show before moi friend? LOL

  3. Astra Nomik profile image42
    Astra Nomikposted 7 years ago

    Blaise, that is a good point, how the heck did we not mention this TV show? Sheeeeit. Hah. That's my latest "catchphrase, it drives Cassy nuts. LOL. Well, I was lukewarm about the first series, but the next series really picked up, and yes, I am annoyed by some characters being "dropped" or whatever. The rivalry between the two nightclub owners / ala Jackie Brown style face offs, that was dramatic but corny, I thought.

    Yes, I like the Intros too. It is a ground breaking show in many respects. I am sadened it was stopped after a time. Wish it would come back, maybe with new characters. Cassy just loves it.
    I am checking the whole series on DVD (Cassy got for us!) In general, I like it as being probably the only TV show for women who dig this. I would love to see other producers doing shows like "The L Word". Aw, you miss Marina? That is sweet. LOL. The intimate scenes didn't shock me, although I give full marks for them going all the way with some episodes. I like those parts but I do want the to be about the relationships too. I like the way the women grow together as couples.

    Yes, this is a very interesting show, moi friend. Heh.


  4. profile image47
    StarlaCarrposted 7 years ago

    I must admit that I didn't really become a fan until they added Tasha's character in but I loved the L word and I thought they did ok except for showcasing more diversity in the cast.  I really hate that they ended the show.