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is this a good blog site? How do people know about our blog? how do we get paid?

  1. Iwannaknowwhatyou profile image55
    Iwannaknowwhatyouposted 8 years ago

    is this a good blog site? How do people know about our blog? how do we get paid?

  2. Jersey Jess profile image58
    Jersey Jessposted 8 years ago

    I think this is a good blog site! People know about your blog by adding many tags when you publish a Hub and by answering people's questions here! Also, the forum is a good place to get started. I know this site pays people but I do not know how it is done, sorry. Hope I helped.

  3. Uninvited Writer profile image84
    Uninvited Writerposted 8 years ago

    This is not a blog site at all, this is a site where you write individual articles. This guide will give you all the background you need.


  4. Unknown823 profile image40
    Unknown823posted 7 years ago

    I know this is a bit late, but I will answer your question for others who might have the same question

    HubPages is pretty much just like Jersey Jess said—this is a good blog site, but also like Uninvited Writer said, this site technically isn't for blogs.  You write individual posts, which in a way makes it better than a blog site because a blog site usually has to do with one topic.  In this site, you can write on almost any topic (with in rules of the site that is).  People find your hubs when you post them.  If you post a hub that is quite relevant to the times and people are searching the terms that you tagged in your post, you can get a lot of traffic from search engines.  You can also get traffic from people just browsing around on HubPages.  When people find your hubs and they like them, they will sometimes choose to follow you.  When they follow you, they will receive an email every time you post a hub (the follower must have that option checked though).  I will be your first follower.  This is also a good site to start with if you want to get your own blog going, because this site has been around for a while and can easily be found in internet searches just because it is a site that has a good reputation, as to where a newly started blog may not rise to the top results of a search engine for months. 
    You can get paid by using this site through affiliate programs.  You can choose to use as many of the following as you would like:
    Google AdSense
    HubPages Ad Program
    I currently only use AdSense, so I don't know what the others are like, but I assume they are very similar to AdSense.  When you activate your Google AdSense account on your HubPages account (click my account, then earnings), ads will appear on your hubs.  When people click those ads, you get money—usually it will only be a couple cents per click, but if you get enough, the money starts to build.  The only bummer thing about it is that you have to get at least $100 worth of finalized earnings on AdSense before Google sends you a check.