I Saw an ad for hubpages while posting on my blog

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  1. Aya Katz profile image84
    Aya Katzposted 12 years ago

    The ad said: "Reason # 2 to Hub: Get paid to blog." I'm not sure what that means, but it seems as if it might mislead people about the difference between a hub and a blog.

    1. sagebrush_mama profile image61
      sagebrush_mamaposted 12 years agoin reply to this

      I found HubPages in January via a search for free blog sites, and I think it mentioned the "getting paid to blog" concept.  Little did I know I'd get hooked!  I think it's a venue that bloggers can adapt to easily, and learn at whatever pace suits them.  They will be able to see the differences, I think.  For me, it is similar to writing a blog entry, though there are more things to pay attention to than I concern myself with on my blog.

      1. Aya Katz profile image84
        Aya Katzposted 12 years agoin reply to this

        Well, a hub is really not like a blog post, unless all your blog posts are like full blown self-contained articles. However, it seems as if Hubpages itself, in its ads, is trying to down play the difference.

      2. Marisa Wright profile image90
        Marisa Wrightposted 12 years agoin reply to this

        I notice you don't use images or Youtube clips much - that's something to add to your learning curve!  They really enhance to your Hub and give something else for the search engines to find.

        When you insert a Youtube clip, you also get a free backlink on Youtube.

        You can find photos on Flickr easily - just use the Advanced search, click on "Creative Commons" and "for commercial use" right down the bottom.  You'll usually get lots of photos to choose from. 

        You have to thank the photographer and include a link to their photostream (I usually do that at the end of the Hub).

        1. 2besure profile image80
          2besureposted 12 years agoin reply to this

          I just saw an add like that on my blog today!  It kind of competes with my referral button, but whatever.

        2. sagebrush_mama profile image61
          sagebrush_mamaposted 12 years agoin reply to this

          Thanks for your insight, Marisa.  I appreciate it.  I've been learning in layers, and every month or so, I seem to find one area to focus on, so I'll work on more images and trying to incorporate Youtube soon.  I tried finding images during the June contest, but it seemed like a maze of paid sites that I didn't want to get tangled up with.  I'll check out Flickr.

          I guess the blogs I frequent vary.  Most are rarely composed of short, random posts, but rather, a combination of types of posts, some of which are much like articles, or hubs, with relevant information, images, and video.  I see blogging as more of a personal expression tied to an ongoing relationship amongst individuals with like interests, whereas Hubs seem to be more stand alone, informational.   Many of the bloggers I read would have a lot to offer as hubbers.

        3. Pcunix profile image91
          Pcunixposted 12 years agoin reply to this

          I dislike video SOOO much !

          I know everyone says video, video, video, but I just can't stand it and refuse to put it in my  content.

    2. Marisa Wright profile image90
      Marisa Wrightposted 12 years agoin reply to this

      I saw another ad that said something like "if you can blog, you can Hub".

      I can understand why HubPages is using that hook to entice people in - but no wonder we get so many newbies writing short, blog-like Hubs! 

      I'm sure the HP team would point to the information on their front page, which talks about content-rich articles. Unfortunately people don't read, so that's not enough.  If you sign them up under the wrong impression, it will take a lot to change their minds.

      I'm wondering if the same thing happened - to the other extreme - with the "writerly" set.  You know who I mean, the ones who whinge about successful Hubbers like Nelle bringing down the tone of the site by writing product Hubs.  Maybe they were attracted to HubPages by ads implying it was some kind of literary site.

    3. PoeticLicense profile image59
      PoeticLicenseposted 12 years agoin reply to this

      You're right about it being misleading in that HP will NOT actually pay you for your writing BUT you CAN in theory make money by allowing advertisers to post ads on your hub and by putting your own advertising on your hub.  Mind you, by the time they put ads on and YOU put ads on there might be more ads than actual writing but--hey--whatever!  Someone has to PAY the bills so others can be artistic, creative and original. 
      Live and let live--I say!

  2. sunforged profile image70
    sunforgedposted 12 years ago

    this is the landing page for the ad in question:


    Its better than the sign up page i use for refs - im gonna start using it!

    I dont think the semantics are all that important - blog is just a common term - i dont think it has to mean a specific format to everyone

    in an adwords campaign its much likely to be searched for than other possible variations

    the term "get paid to write' also returns this hub ad

    Earn by Writing Articles
    Writers earn great money writing
    informative articles. Start today!

    which leads to this page:


    same info diff internal aw tracking

    1. englightenedsoul profile image56
      englightenedsoulposted 12 years agoin reply to this

      How did you find it SF, I am amazed.  The page is definitely better than the default one.  Can you please tell me how can I include my referral tracker in the URL?

      1. Marisa Wright profile image90
        Marisa Wrightposted 12 years agoin reply to this

        Your referral tracker always goes after .com/

    2. climberjames profile image56
      climberjamesposted 12 years agoin reply to this

      That referral page is awesome! Thanks for the link sunforged!!

  3. englightenedsoul profile image56
    englightenedsoulposted 12 years ago

    Thank you Marisa.  I get it now.  But really that was so dumb of me!!

  4. sunforged profile image70
    sunforgedposted 12 years ago

    in retrospect: Using that page as a landing page for your sign ups may mess with their adwords campaign tracking

    as in you may be doing hubs a tiny disservice -

    I have always felt the traditional sign up page should be as short as the one they are apparently privately using themselves..maybe they can quickly pop out an alternate page following this model that doesnt interfere wit there adwords campaigns

    1. englightenedsoul profile image56
      englightenedsoulposted 12 years agoin reply to this

      So shouldn't we use that as a landing page then?

      1. sunforged profile image70
        sunforgedposted 12 years agoin reply to this

        All your latest hubs are very solid! layouts, content, design and focus, very well done. Have things continued to be on the up and up for your online endeavors?

        1. englightenedsoul profile image56
          englightenedsoulposted 12 years agoin reply to this

          I owe it all to 60dc and to you in particular.  I now have found the perfect mix between hard and smart work.  And your personal advice on how to improve my amazon earnings really paid off.  And I even emailed you my amazon stats.  Anyways, I would say it in again.  I had no sales in my first 5 months at amazon and in my 6th month I sold 21 items and this month have already sold 6.  I am in love with amazon now.  Feel like it has more earning potential than adsense.  Thanks for everything!!!

  5. sunforged profile image70
    sunforgedposted 12 years ago

    Just saying perhaps its worth finding out if teh page will properly track for you before making any adjustments to your promotion techniques.

    I would certainly prefer this landing page in my future promotion efforts

    1. englightenedsoul profile image56
      englightenedsoulposted 12 years agoin reply to this

      I would also certainly prefer this page.  I just added my tracker in the link you provided and the page opens fine....I will create a new tracker and check if it tracks me or not.

      Thanks for the find, I just wonder how do you find all this.  Seems impossible to me!!

  6. sunforged profile image70
    sunforgedposted 12 years ago

    Lol, not that mysterious ..here was the rather mundane process..

    I read Ayas original post and assumed that Get paid to Blog was the keyword string

    I entered that term into Google.

    I saw the Hubpages ad in the sidebar paid ads

    I right clicked on the destination link and pasted it into notepad (so as to not make poor HP pay for my research)

    I found the link at the end of the string and checked out where it went by pasting it into my browser..I was guessing that it wasnt an official HP ad campaign but ..it turned out it was!

    I then guessed another related keyword string that I would use "get paid to write" and found the second ad

    These are terms that I have bid on myself in the past, I even experimented with using adwords for HP referrals (using free vouchers of course) out of 180 clicks, 6 signed up and none wrote a hub! .. I ended the campaign in 2 or 3 days though. So I was curious in how someone was pursuing Hp ref via adwords..turns out they made a better landing page! kind of irks me sad . .my 2 or 3 day experiment prob cost around $18.00-$20.00 - to zero return for me, I really wonder if it will do any better for them

    1. englightenedsoul profile image56
      englightenedsoulposted 12 years agoin reply to this

      That was easy, but may be I am too dumb in this as I havn't tried adwords.  But I am really amazed by your thinking..you really have high analytical skills...Also, I just made a demand draft today and would courier it today to google to get my adwords a/c activated.  Trying the adwords campaign was the only thing that I didn't tried in the 60dc and I want to correct it.  Whenever I read your hub on how to use adwords voucher, I feel like I am suffering a loss.  And I can't bear it.  Will let you know how the adwords campaign goes for me!!

  7. sunforged profile image70
    sunforgedposted 12 years ago

    Perhaps I explained it badly? ..maybe the loss is real and I skipped some crucial information..if you let me know any specific questions I can try and help directly and/or add to the hub.

    The focus of the hub is on how to activate the voucher - its certainly not the best resource for actually creating and publishing campaigns..it was published in a hurry to give you all a chance to use your vouchers before they expired.

  8. englightenedsoul profile image56
    englightenedsoulposted 12 years ago

    No, not at all.  Infact I really find the hub useful and skim through it atleast once a day.  Wish my bank would provide me online banking facilities, I would have started with adwords right away.  I am sending a demand draft today and they will activate my account in a few days.  I hope they will send me a free voucher soon in my account.

    I would surely ask you questions once I get started, I think I will have many.  Thanks for helping the newbies SF.  You are a gem!!

  9. brettb profile image62
    brettbposted 12 years ago

    If you think that's strange, I once saw an advert from my ex-employer on one of my sites!

  10. sunforged profile image70
    sunforgedposted 12 years ago

    found an hp ad on one of my blogs also


  11. englightenedsoul profile image56
    englightenedsoulposted 12 years ago

    Seems like Hubpages is on a promotion spree.  I have encountered a few ads as well.  But the irony is they are promoting the site as get paid to blog, but if you take hubpages as a blogging site you won't earn anything.  But I can understand why they promoting this way, as majority of the people type this term when they are looking for some place to write!!

    1. PoeticLicense profile image59
      PoeticLicenseposted 12 years agoin reply to this

      Maybe they are promoting for a reason.  I know for a fact a few of the writers (most in the 90 and over HP score category) have moved on and created their own websites.  I know of at least five and that's just from e-mails that people send me.  From my infrequent visits to this site I know they are recruiting and have at least two other HP or former HP writers contributing.  You might find the numbers are higher if you research it.

      1. Marisa Wright profile image90
        Marisa Wrightposted 12 years agoin reply to this

        Yes, many of the writers in the 90 and over do have their own websites - but that's the difference between HP and other writing sites.

        On other sites, people start their own blog or site and you never see them again. I notice that Hubbers who start their own site are far more likely to continue using HubPages in parallel. because it's such a worthwhile part of an internet portfolio.

        Look at Misha, Mark Knowles, Sunforged, Nelle Hoxie, Darkside, Dale Mazurek to name a few.  I have 5 websites myself.

        The only difference is that when people "graduate" to their own sites, it often means they're getting serious about making money online and are far less active in commenting, following etc.  So you don't realize they're still lurking.

        1. PoeticLicense profile image59
          PoeticLicenseposted 12 years agoin reply to this

          Yes!  I knew some have left--never to return--and I figured there were others who just kept their account open so they could "lurk" OR because they are too busy to delete the now less-used account!
          I guess the less active these people are--even the ones who lurk--the less income is generated for this site.  The less income that is generated, the more HP needs new people.

          1. Marisa Wright profile image90
            Marisa Wrightposted 12 years agoin reply to this

            Remember a high HubberScore doesn't mean the Hubber was earning a lot of money.  If a Hubber with a high score left, it's because they weren't earning any income.  And if they weren't earning income from their Hubs, neither was HubPages! 

            So while we might mourn the loss of their interesting content, their disappearance is no loss to the HubPages business.

            The successful ones - who as you say have "moved on" - keep their account because it would be mad to delete a healthy income-producing resource that requires no maintenance or promotion.

            1. PoeticLicense profile image59
              PoeticLicenseposted 12 years agoin reply to this

              Sure, I know no one makes a LOT of money.  I am not assuming anyone makes a LOT of money nor am I assuming everyone has an affiliate account to begin with--sorry.
              I just think if these people spend LESS or no MORE time actually writing here then HP makes NO money on anything NEW they would have published HERE instead of ELSEwhere.
              You ARE right though . . . if they didn't take an attitude toward anything or anyone here then they would not delete their account.
              ANYone who no longer provides HP with a page on which ads can be posted IS causing HP to lose money if the replacements are not as good in getting attention.  So if HP doesn't advertise for MORE people to sign up then I figure HP WOULD lose money if only because the number of hubs would go down since the newer pieces by the ones who left are no longer posted here.
              That's what I was trying to say.

  12. Jason Menayan profile image60
    Jason Menayanposted 12 years ago

    Hey all,

    You're welcome to use any of our marketing landing pages as landing pages for your own referral efforts, but be sure not to use any of the hubpages.com/info/ ones as these are redirects that expand to include tracking tags. I'm not even sure if they would process your referral trackers correctly.

    Each hubpages.com/info/ link does redirect to a hubpages.com/help/ landing page which you can strip of all the tracking tags and insert your URL tracker to.

    For example:
    can become
    http://hubpages.com/_yourreferraltracke … paidtoblog

    The reason we use language about 'blogging' on HubPages is that there is extensive confusion among "lay people" out there about what blogging is. Granted, you guys know exactly what blogging is, but for a lot of people, it means writing anything online (and, to be fair, there are tons of topical/informative blogs out there, not just personal ones). This is just one of many campaigns that we run to bring in new Hubbers.

  13. lovebuglena profile image85
    lovebuglenaposted 12 years ago

    Hubs and blogs are very similar. Each hub is like a blog entry. Concept is the same for both, except that with hubs there is more to pay attention to it seems. I actually found out about hubpages.com while browsing Yahoo HotJobs.



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