Which font looks better in website - Arial or Times New Roman?

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  1. Azhar Kamar profile image66
    Azhar Kamarposted 13 years ago

    Which font looks better in website - Arial or Times New Roman?

    Which font looks better in website - Arial or Times New Roman? You may state your own preference other than the above-mentioned.

  2. Nick B profile image79
    Nick Bposted 13 years ago

    I personally prefer a sans serif font such as Arial to a font with serifs, such as Times.

    I feel that in many respects, this is easier to read, but certain characters are similar to one another, like 'l' (lower case 'L') and 'I' (Upper case 'I'), which can be slightly confusing.

    In Times, these characters are all noticeably different, but overall, the font does not look as good.

    That's just an opinion though.

    Other fonts can be more difficult to read in anything other than headings where they are larger than the normal text, which can be off-putting,

    Much can also depend upon which colours are used as some can either make smaller ornate fonts difficult to read or enhance them depending upon the combinations used.

  3. profile image56
    fun2hubposted 13 years ago

    Arial looks fine, whereas Times New Roman may not be good to read in some cases especially when you use smaller font sizes.

  4. glendelm profile image53
    glendelmposted 13 years ago

    Whilst Times New Roman can be fine in websites going for a more ornate theme, Arial is easier to read 99% of the time. It also reacts better to different colours and sizes, and, on the whole, looks a lot better. That's just my opinion though. Normally I would use a font such as Verdana or Tahoma, but it all depends on the theme of the website.

    Best thing is to try both and see which looks best. Good Luck smile.

  5. andromida profile image58
    andromidaposted 13 years ago

    My personal choice is Arial in most cases.

  6. CoPilot Media profile image60
    CoPilot Mediaposted 13 years ago

    A good friend of mine, who is one of the best graphic/web designers I know, will have his tombstone engraved in arial but I disagree.  Verdana all the way baby.

  7. paul_gibsons profile image59
    paul_gibsonsposted 13 years ago

    I pick Calibri anytime (if I can); it is rounded, gentle, welcoming... and a pleasure to read. Headings don't shout at you but draw you in.... one of the best features of Word 2007 as far as I am concerned

  8. profile image0
    RS Wightposted 13 years ago

    Verdana, definitely!

    As a web developer I would always present my clients with Arial, Verdana and Times.... Verdana usually won out.

  9. keliix06 profile image60
    keliix06posted 13 years ago

    One websites I always go with either Arial or Verdana, but in print Times is a lot better.

  10. harryinc profile image60
    harryincposted 13 years ago

    Between Arial and Times New Roman, Arial should be used. If given a thrird choice, one should go with Verdana.

  11. PMS9 profile image68
    PMS9posted 12 years ago

    my first choice will be Verdana, then Arial, then Times Roman

  12. copywriter31 profile image83
    copywriter31posted 12 years ago

    I always use A serif font like Times New Roman in all of my headlines.

    For body (and all other) copy I select a sans-serif font like Arial or Verndana.

  13. bisnis2009 profile image59
    bisnis2009posted 12 years ago

    both of them is good but i prefer verdana, nice style on web i guess

  14. Jennie Demario profile image40
    Jennie Demarioposted 11 years ago

    i def feel that arial is the better choice..more modern looking

  15. atulhost profile image60
    atulhostposted 11 years ago

    I would choose Arial because it is more simple for readers.

  16. cubesz profile image59
    cubeszposted 11 years ago

    Times New Roman gives a more professional feeling to the site, while Arial gives a modern welcoming feeling.

  17. Daniel Deepak profile image59
    Daniel Deepakposted 11 years ago

    I'm currently a web designer from Chennai, India. I use verdana for small texts. It is very legible even when used in smaller sizes like 11 px.
    I use arial when I go with normal texts like 14 or 15 px. But I've a love for Georgia.


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