how to connect wifi in my blackberry phone?

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    renadethposted 7 years ago

    how to connect wifi in my blackberry phone?

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    andrewsgrahamposted 7 years ago

    I don't have time to write a full hub right now, but here is a basic step by step guide;

    1) Go to the "manage connections" icon, if wi-fi is supported there will be a check box. Select it so it says "On"
    2) In the same menu (Manage Connections), scroll down to "set up wi-fi network".
    3) Follow the prompts selecting "scan for networks" if you are connecting to a standard wi-fi network.
    4) Choose the network you'd like to connect to and enter the key if required. It will take a moment and should connect. If it asks you about a BlackBerry generated pin to connect to the router, select cancel.

    Hope that helps, someday I'll write a full hub with screenshots.