I am a dish customer, moving. I want to bundle Google, AT&T, and Dish (with a sl

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    SadieSalposted 7 years ago

    I am a dish customer, moving. I want to bundle Google, AT&T, and Dish (with a sling) possible?...

    how much? I now have the 'everything package"

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    DISH Network Talkposted 7 years ago


    If you're moving to a new residence you will want to call DISH and tell them you're moving. That will initiate a "DISH Movers" order. DISH offers existing customer using the DISH Movers special promotional incentives.

    You can upgrade your primary receiver to the 922 Sling receiver. The regular upgrade price is about $200 but you may be able to get an existing customer promotional discount if you ask for it.

    If by "Google," you are referring to "Google TV" tell DISH, when you call them, that you'd also like to add Google TV to your account. Have you read my Hub about Google TV? They can add this to your Move order.

    I do not believe you will be able to bundle with AT&T because you already have an active account with DISH. You can certainly inquire about this.

    You cannot do what you're asking through a retailer. You will need to call DISH Network directly. New customers should call a retailer, like us at www.satellitesolutions.com but current DISH customers need to call DISH directly. You can find their phone number on your billing statement or by visiting their website at www.dishnetwork.com

    I hope this helps.


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    satelliteeposted 5 years ago

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