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why main() important in c programing

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    purnima dixitposted 7 years ago

    why main() important in c programing

    what are the use of main function in c programing.

  2. pipi.s profile image52
    pipi.sposted 7 years ago

    this is because when compiler start working/compile a program it goes to main program . In short main() act as a route to achive your program goal

  3. rajkishor09 profile image82
    rajkishor09posted 7 years ago

    main() is required for every C program because its the starting point of program execution. Without this C will not be able to execute your code. C only know main() nothing else (means your defined functions e.g UDFs).

  4. abhishek.genius profile image60
    abhishek.geniusposted 7 years ago

    the execution of your C program starts from the main() itself. Had it been missing there would not be any execution of the program.
    main() is literally the main driving function of the C language programming.