Visual Basic programing?

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    lafamilliaposted 5 years ago

    Visual Basic programing?

    Should I write a Hub about Visual Basic programing? Working in Visual Basic Express is free, and it can be pretty useful to know it!

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    Jesferkicksposted 5 years ago

    There is probably some good to be gotten from writing a hub on VB, the amount of good would depend on what part or which type of VB you decide to write about.  You mention VB in the context that it is one (1) of the three (3) languages supported in Visual Studio Express.  Looking at the page your question is posted on I already  see one (1) Hub teaching VB Express for beginners and another discussing forms in VB.

    What I’m suggesting is you might wish to select a particular part of VB and discuss that or a particular usage of VB like Visual Basic for Applications.  I worry that if you just generally discus the topic you’ll become redundant to others before you.  I would think a little Googling would help you in discovering esoteric  topics of VB that the general blogs/hubs have missed.  I think this approach would allow you teach a part of the  subject not already gone over numerous times.

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      days leaperposted 23 months agoin reply to this

      I wish someone would discuss all aspects of vb menu system and link boxes
      This is ignored just about everywhere Ive looked.