how do i use my wireless router to connect tv programs to my tv

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    llea541posted 7 years ago

    how do i use my wireless router to connect tv programs to my tv

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    viplove09mayposted 7 years ago

    As an alternative to using cables, you can also use Wi-Fi to connect computers and TVs wirelessly. Because televisions do not ordinarily support Wi-Fi, you will need to install a separate unit between the computer and TV. One common solution is called a Wireless PC to TV system or [i[Digital Media Receiver. These products connect via AV cable to the TV and supply Wi-Fi connections to any computer in the home.

    Another wireless PC to TV connectivity option is based on Windows Media Center Edition (MCE). If you purchase a Windows XP or Windows Vista PC with the MCE application included, this system contains built in wireless connectivity support for streaming images to your television. Some of these systems also support TV tuner cards that allow your computer to receive incoming television signals. Finally, you can extend the capability of a Media Center PC across an entire wireless home network by installing a Media Center Extender product like the LInksys DMA2100.

    See also - Windows XP MCE -
    Pros and Cons of Connecting Computers and TVs
    Networking your computers and TVs provides the most convenient sharing of multimedia images:

        * does not require connecting a digital camcorder or camera to the TY

        * can make the necessary connections with either Windows, Mac or Linux computers

        * with Media Center Extender or similar capability, can direct content from any home computer to the TV

    You may also encounter a few challenges and limitations:

        * the screen resolution of older TVs is much lower than modern computer displays - your images and video may appear with lower quality when shown on the television

        * when using AV cables, you may need to relocate the laptop or PC very close to the television to reach

        * when using wireless connections, the effective range may be relatively short, depending on the equipment in use, due to the high volume of data involved in digital media

        * hardware needed, especially the more advanced wireless gear, may be expensive to purchase