Advices about Motorola Droid 2?

  1. showmegreen profile image71
    showmegreenposted 7 years ago

    Advices about Motorola Droid 2?

    That's actually the only question for which I am anticipating the answer. I am considering bying this phone, but I need more information from those who have it. Is it worth it? Advantages/disadvantages? THANKS!

  2. xquisit1985 profile image83
    xquisit1985posted 7 years ago

    have had mine for a while now! am totally in love with it and it beats the snot outta an iphone its a part of my daily life and i highly highly reccomend it! you WILL NOT regret it! plus its on the best network lol i laugh cuz at&t is so inferior i just cant wait to see how many customers they lose when verizon starts iphone sales!!!!

  3. Sara Dalton profile image57
    Sara Daltonposted 7 years ago

    The Motorola Droid 2 sports a sleeker look and an improved keyboard. The smartphone also features a faster processor, double the RAM of the original Droid, and ships with Android 2.2.

    On a negative note the Droid 2 doesn't have a front-facing camera and Android 2.2's new camera interface. It lacks HDMI port. Though the keyboard is better, keys are a bit stiff to press.

    Hope this helps smile